What to do with Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sometimes the best part of the meal isn’t the meal itself, but rather the leftovers.

Beyond being frugal and making food stretch to two offerings instead of one, there is something about having leftovers that stimulates the creative side in many of us. Sure, you could just pile the food on the plate and nuke it, but it’s a lot more interesting to take the components of one already good meal and make another good—but different—meal.

With the abundance (overabundance?) of the holidays upon us, there is no doubt there are plenty of leftovers in our future.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve enlisted the assistance of some favorite local chefs to tell us just what they like to do with their leftovers; perhaps their culinary creations will be your inspiration.

The Leftovers: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, ham, rolls

The Encore Eat: Hot Turkey Sandwich

hot turkey sandwich thanksgiving leftovers

Recipe courtesy: Harper Bradshaw from Harper's Table, Suffolk


The Leftovers: Sweet potatoes, country ham

The Encore Eat: Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Country Ham, Sage Brown Butter and Lump Crabmeat

sweet potato gnocchi thanksgiving leftovers

Recipe courtesy: John Mannino from Mannino’s Italian Bistro, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach


The Leftovers: Cranberry Sauce

The Encore Eat: Cranberry Sauce & Orange Smoothie

cranberry sauce and orange smoothie

Recipe courtesy: Eddie Lee Bryant from Town Point Club, Norfolk

See more fall smoothies here.

The Leftovers: Turkey

The Encore Eat: Turkey and Vegetable Frittata

turkey and vegetable frittata

Recipe courtesy: Eddie Lee Bryant from Town Point Club, Norfolk


The Leftovers: Sweet potatoes, turkey, turkey broth, peas, carrots

The Encore Eat: Leftover Turkey and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

shepherd's pie thanksgiving leftovers

Recipe courtesy: Chad Martin from Circa 1918, Newport News


The Leftovers: Turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry jelly

The Encore Eat: Thanxgivin Turkey Sandwich

thankxgivin turkey sandwich

Recipe courtesy: Sydney Meers from Stove the Restaurant, Portsmouth


The Leftovers: Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce

The Encore Eat: Give Thanks Griddle Cake Sandwiches

griddle cake sandwiches thanksgiving leftovers

Recipe courtesy: Thomas Yager from Taste (various locations)

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