What to do with Those Thanksgiving Leftovers: Thanxgivin Turkey Sandwich

Beyond being frugal and making food stretch to two offerings instead of one, there is something about having leftovers that stimulates the creative side in many of us.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve enlisted the assistance of Sydney Meers from Stove the Restaurant in Portsmouth to tell us just what he likes to do with his leftovers.

The Leftovers: Turkey, cornbread dressing, cranberry jelly

The Encore Eat: Thanxgivin Turkey Sandwich

Editor’s note: Much like Hunter S. Thompson, Sydney Meers is a master at his craft. Also like the late Mr. Thompson, Meers is a bit ... eccentric. It’s who Syd is (I’ve been his friend for two decades), and it’s totally charming. As such, I couldn’t stand to edit his leftovers story. It is presented to you the way it was presented to me.

thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich stove the restaurant

“Pat, one of my dad’s favorite thing to do was go out and shoot a wild turkey. He was at the time a rural mail carrier and all the farmers new he had 6 kid, his mother and his wife to feed so they would say Gordon, come out here and get some turkey and squirrels for thanx- givin.

“I would go with him wen I got older and dam shooting a turkey was hard to do. the toms were so big and the feathers thick that we would have to first shoot with a 16 gage shot gun and a 22 rifle. we’d get one but they can hide really good and they were hard to shoot girl. was fun though. so havin say that we all love wild turkey and one of our favorite things was we would cook one for us that we would eat after all the families got together at 2pm for a family get to- gether.

“there all the food was all but gone, LOL. we were pigs at holidays. so we would go home and right around 6pm mom would put out all left over's and our turkey, no rules, every man for himself so I would go cut dark and white meat and make a killa sandwich.

“I would take three slices of white bread Camille would make, and a few of grandmother’s sweet rolls. one the rolls I would use dukes mayo and just turkey, set aside and then I would take the 3 slices of bread and mayo the tow outer slices, put turkey on one and dressing on the other, the middle slice would get mustard on one side of it and the other side got cranberry gelée. I then would make two of these and I’m ready to eat.

“I would also get a side dish of grandmother’s tomato aspic congealed salad that had a celery cream cheese and sour cream filling between it’s layers and I was good to go and yes, I would eat every bit of it.”

thanksgiving turkey sandwich


2 slices white bread

1 tablespoon Duke’s mayonnaise

3–4 slices leftover turkey

2–3 tablespoons cornbread dressing

2–3 tablespoons cranberry jelly

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich


Place one slice of bread on a plate and spread on mayonnaise. Add turkey, dressing and cranberry jelly. Spread mustard on the other slice of bread and top.

Yields 1 sandwich

thanksgiving leftovers turkey sandwich thanksgiving leftovers turkey sandwich

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