Face of Fox43 Ty Lorenzo

Ty Lorenzo, the new Face of Fox43

Dave Uhrin

“My dream is to be a talk show host,” says Ty Lorenzo.

As a child growing up in the small town of Chatham, Virginia, he would pretend to host talk shows while his friends were playing football or basketball. When he would tell people that he wanted to be on TV someday, they’d look at him like he was crazy.

Last May, as he was approaching his 21st birthday, Lorenzo discovered a contest on Facebook to become the next Face of Fox43. He saw this as an opportunity to advance toward his career goals, so he applied and made an audition video.

All of a sudden he had a feeling that he shouldn’t apply. “I’m very unprofessional; I don’t think they’re going to choose me,” he told his coworkers. With some coaxing, he finally submitted his video and started the three-month audition process with Fox43.

And he won.

He’s been in the position for about three months now and has already gotten to participate in some exciting activities, like going up with the Geico Skytypers and hosting a surfing competition in Nags Head. “Everything is so unique; each crowd is so different,” he says. “Being able to meet all these people and serve as the Face is amazing in itself.”

He explains that each Face of Fox is different, and he’s excited for the opportunity to create his own content and take it in his own direction. “My biggest push throughout my year is inspiring people to go after their dreams,” he says. “I want to let people know that this America; you’re supposed to be able to do whatever you want to do; you just have to be willing to work hard and push toward your dreams.”

Lorenzo is pursuing his own dreams as a full-time student at the online Full Sail University, based in Florida, while he’s in the full-time Face of Fox position. He will graduate next year, around the same time he finishes his time as the Face of Fox.

From there, he hopes to one day host a show for kids and teenagers. “You have the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, but when you look at mainstream TV, there’s nothing really geared toward teenagers,” he explains. “I want my push to be motivating anyone from kids to teenagers up to adults to just do whatever it takes to get out there and follow your dreams.”

Follow Ty on the Face of Fox43 Facebook page to keep up with his latest adventures!

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