20 Sensational Singles

Get Into The Dating Game! You’re Not Likely To Strike Out With One Of These Fun And Fabulous Catches.

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Age: 58
City: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Director, Patient Financial Services, Children’s Specialty Group; PLLC and Vice President of Operations, 
                 Healthcare Revenue Logic, LLC 

Kids? If yes, how many? 2 daughters; 4 grandchildren. Ever been married? Yes. Length of longest relationship:  6–7 years. In the market for? A man who would enjoy sunshine and sunsets and romance. Deal breakers? An unemployed smoker with bad teeth and bad breath. What website do you visit every single day?  Facebook—keeps me up-to-date on family and friends across the country. Favorite athlete? Derek Jeter, hands down!   I never leave the house without ... purse, lipstick and toothbrush. If I had one wish: To retire one day with the love of my life.  Funniest person alive? Bill Cosby. His rendition of a man giving birth is hilarious. What’s your favorite day of the year? Thanksgiving—the one day of the year there is guilt-free eating spent with family and friends. Favorite team/sport to follow? N.Y. Yankees, of course. What’s your worst habit? Indulging my grandkids in anything they want. Phobias? Spiders and snakes. I’ve run out of a shower naked with a house full of guests before when a spider was in the shower! Dream vacation: Paris, France. Must-have snack at a sporting event? A nice cold beer and popcorn. Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Oceanfront—Mahi Mah’s—then a walk on the beach. The secret to a great relationship is ... when I figure it out I’ll let you know!



Age: 25
City: Norfolk
Occupation: 2nd-year Medical Student, 
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Kids? If yes, how many? No. Ever been married? No. Length of longest relationship: 1.5 years. In the market for? A real-life relationship. Deal breakers? Cigarette smokers. What website do you visit every single day? ESPN.com. Favorite athlete? Brian Dawkins. I never leave the house without ... my coffee travel mug. If I had one wish: All my med-school debt paid off. What sport most fits your personality? Curling—it doesn’t matter how long it takes the stone to get there; all that matters is the final outcome. Funniest person alive? While my father would definitely think he is, I would have to say Will Ferrell.  What’s your favorite day of the year? First day of summer. Favorite team/sport to follow? Philadelphia Eagles. Part of my charm: I always put the seat down.  What’s your worst habit? Worrying about the little things. Favorite exercise activity? Running Tough Mudders. Most people don’t know this about me: I am a huge momma’s boy. I would bend over backwards for my parents. What would your baseball walk-up song be? “Snow” by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dream vacation: Something beach-esque. I’m fairly simple and am totally content with the Outer Banks but can’t complain about a tropical beach somewhere. Must-have snack at a sporting event? Beer and peanuts. What’s your biggest goal in life? To be the type of person my dog thinks I am.  Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Yorktown Beach and Downtown Norfolk’s Towne Point Park. The secret to a great relationship is ... honestly, if I knew I probably wouldn’t be here. But my best guess would be honesty and open communication.