20 Sensational Singles

Get Into The Dating Game! You’re Not Likely To Strike Out With One Of These Fun And Fabulous Catches.

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Age: 60
City: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Medical Marketing, 
     Public Relations and Event Planning 

Kids? If yes, how many? 4—3 grown and married with 3 grandbabies, and 1 still at home. I never stopped carrying a diaper bag. Ever been married? Yes. Length of longest relationship: 13 years. Favorite athlete? Michael Oher and Alex Morgan, currently. I have many. I never leave the house without ... making sure that my shoes match. If I had one wish: As a humanitarian, I wish everyone to have equal opportunity and happiness. What sport most fits your personality? Swimming—smooth, steady and graceful. Funniest person alive? My 16-year-old daughter hands down to anyone famous. What’s your worst habit? Not thinking I have any bad habits. Favorite exercise activity? Thinking about exercising—ok seriously, weight training and water sports. Most people don’t know this about me: I’m shy. What would your baseball walk-up song be? “The Hallelujah Chorus” or “December, 1963 (Oh What a Night)” by Frankie Valli. Must-have snack at a sporting event? Anything that is easy to share, like popcorn, and not as messy as a hot dog. I don’t like squirting mustard all over everyone. What’s your biggest goal in life? Being happy and bringing happiness to others. It’s simple, fun and easy—pass it on. Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Too many wonderful places here to list, but afterwards, a walk on the beach. The secret to a great relationship is ... no secret to it: communication, trust, humor and lightheartedness.



Age: 25
City: Poquoson
Occupation: Property Management

Kids? If yes, how many? None. Ever been married? No. Length of longest relationship: 3 years. In the market for? Someone that I can have fun with no matter what.  Deal breakers? Smokers and cheaters. What website do you visit every single day? Grantland.com—sports and pop culture website. Favorite athlete? LeBron James. He’s a great role model who stays out of trouble and gives back to his community, not to mention an outstanding basketball player. I never leave the house without ... my iPhone. My life is in there. If I had one wish: I would love to meet Dave Matthews. We’re in a bro-mance; it’s just a one-sided bro-mance. What sport most fits your personality? Football. I played my entire life all the way up through college at Hampden-Sydney, and it has shaped who I am as a person.   Funniest person alive? Kevin Hart. Love that guy. One of the best comedians around. What’s your favorite day of the year? Opening day of college football season. Roll Tide! Part of my charm: My sincerity. I never try to be someone else to please people. What’s your worst habit? Biting my fingernails. Favorite exercise activity? I love running. I also enjoy playing basketball and golf. Most people don’t know this about me: I secretly enjoy British comedy. What would your baseball walk-up song be? “When The Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin. Phobias? Snakes. They make me scream like a girl.  Team sports or individual? I’m all about the team and being a team player, both on the field and in a relationship. Dream vacation: Definitely sailing in the Caribbean. There’s nothing like the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand. Must-have snack at a sporting event? Hot dogs, peanuts and a cold beer. What’s your biggest goal in life? To have the type of family that I grew up in.  My parents have been married 27 years and have raised my two brothers and me in a very loving and caring home.  Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Town Center in Virginia Beach. The secret to a great relationship is ... be friends and have fun with one another.