20 Sensational Singles

Get Into The Dating Game! You’re Not Likely To Strike Out With One Of These Fun And Fabulous Catches.

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Age: 26
City: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Baillie & Associates Wealth Management

Kids? If yes, how many? None. Ever been married? No. Length of longest relationship: 4 Years. In the market for? The woman for me is family-oriented, motivated, emotionally mature and communicative; being cute doesn’t hurt either.  Deal breakers? Complacency and if you back into spaces in parking garages.  Favorite athlete? Mariano Rivera—humble, consistent and has been a Red Sox killer for almost two decades. I never leave the house without ... patting myself down to make sure I have my keys, wallet and cell phone in their appropriate pockets. What sport most fits your personality? Hockey—competitive, intense and full of passion. Funniest person alive? My father. The inappropriate things you say in your mind, he says out loud.  Favorite team/sport to follow? The N.Y. Yankees; if you’re a Red Sox fan, it won’t work out. What’s your worst habit? Cracking my knuckles. Favorite exercise activity? Pull-ups. It’s the most broad workout and doesn’t take much time. Most people don’t know this about me: I try to schedule important meetings for when it’s supposed to rain because it seems to give me good luck.  What would your baseball walk-up song be? “Kickstart My Heart” by Motley Crue. Phobias? Dentist drills and bees; both make me scream like a 6-year-old girl. Team sports or individual? Team sports for sure. You learn lessons beyond the sport itself, such as humility, camaraderie and sportsmanship. Dream vacation: I would love to go to Naples, Italy and Cuba, where both sides of my family are from.  Must-have snack at a sporting event? Funnel cake. A few thousand calories never hurt anyone, right? What’s your biggest goal in life? To leave a philanthropic footprint that would, in addition to make a difference in others’ lives, make my family proud. The secret to a great relationship is ... accepting that no relationship is perfect and embracing differences.



Age: 29
City: Norfolk
Occupation: East Region Sales Manager, CBS Collegiate Sports Properties

Kids? If yes, how many? Just a proud uncle of an awesome 2-year old. Ever been married? No. Length of longest relationship: 1 year. In the market for? Someone who can put up with me; it’s tough. Deal breakers? Lack of communication. What website do you visit every single day? Espn.com. I never leave the house without ... my phone. If I had one wish: My grandmother would be still alive to have met my nephew. What sport most fits your personality? Track and field. Funniest person alive? Will Ferrell. What’s your favorite day of the year? First day of college football season. Favorite team/sport to follow? ODU, Maryland and Towson sports. Part of my charm: I’m a blunt guy… is that charm? What’s your worst habit? I love a good cigar on the golf course. Favorite exercise activity? Going for a swim calms me the most, but I love to just be active. Most people don’t know this about me: As much as I am out in the community at events, I am introvert at times who needs to play 18 holes or shut down on Sundays to recharge the batteries. What would your baseball walk-up song be? “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. Phobias? SNAKES! Dream vacation: Ireland and Scotland for a golf trip. Must-have snack at a sporting event? Cold beer and a brat. What’s your biggest goal in life? Happiness. Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Bardo in Norfolk. The secret to a great relationship is ... trust and friendship. If you can have these two elements the rest is easy.