20 Sensational Singles

Get Into The Dating Game! You’re Not Likely To Strike Out With One Of These Fun And Fabulous Catches.

20 Sensational Singles in Hampton Roads

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Photos by Veronica Dana (www.VeronicaDana.com). Hair and makeup by Emily Flood, Christina Tallmadge and Shannon Hoke with Spa Phoenix, Virginia Beach (www.SpaPhoenix.com). Special thank you to the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum (www.VSHFM.com) for allowing us to use their venue as our stylish and sporty backdrop.


Age: 36
City: Norfolk
Occupation: Director of Rehab, Kindred Healthcare

Kids? If yes, how many? 0. Ever been married? No. Length of longest relationship: 3 years. Deal breakers? If you don’t love my dogs. What website do you visit every single day? Google because I’m the curious type. Favorite athlete? My sister. She was an amazing gymnast. What sport most fits your personality? Dancing. It is a passionate art, and I am a passionate person. I’ve been doing it for my entire life. What’s your favorite day of the year? My birthday! Birthdays are a celebration of you. I don’t think we (women especially) celebrate ourselves enough. Favorite team/sport to follow? In my family, it is sacrilegious to not be a Cowboys fan. Part of my charm: A little bit of feistiness that comes from my Latin roots. What’s your worst habit? I have to do the same load of laundry three times because I forget to take it out of the washer and all the clothes smell.  Favorite exercise activity? Lifting weights. It makes me feel strong. Most people don’t know this about me: My grandfather developed and named an azalea after me. Phobias? Arachnophobia! I dislocated my little toe trying to run down the hallway and throw a spider in the toilet so I didn’t have to squish it.  Team sports or individual? Team. There is nothing like the camaraderie of a team. Dream vacation: Any tropical island that has a hut over the water.  Must-have snack at a sporting event? Hot dog. I don’t know why, but they always seem to taste better at a game. What’s your biggest goal in life? To build a beautiful life with someone. The secret to a great relationship is ... allowing the other person to be exactly who they are without judgment or criticism.


Age: 60
City: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Attorney

Kids? If yes, how many? 1. Ever been married? Yes. Length of longest relationship: 19 years. In the market for? Groceries, 3 days a week. Deal breakers? Dishonesty. What website do you visit every single day? The local weather—always hoping for a sunny day. Favorite athlete? Muhammad Ali. I never leave the house without ... my cell phone. If I had one wish: World peace—isn’t that everyone’s? What sport most fits your personality? Surfing. Though I’m not very good at it, surfing is relaxing and relatively carefree. Funniest person alive? Bill Cosby. He’s both intellectual and funny. What’s your favorite day of the year? The first day of spring ... a new beginning. Favorite team/sport to follow? Duke basketball—Go Blue Devils! Part of my charm: Boyishness. I am still waiting to grow up. What’s your worst habit? Diet Coke. Favorite exercise activity? Weight lifting. Most people don’t know this about me: My ill-fated boxing career. What would your baseball walk-up song be? “Centerfield” by John Fogerty. Phobias? Mustard or onions on my sandwich. Team sports or individual? Individual. Dream vacation: Seven days in a tropical place without cell phone service. Must-have snack at a sporting event? Peanuts. What’s your biggest goal in life? To have my son graduate from college. So far, he’s on the 5-year undergraduate plan, but he’s surfed a lot of great spots. Best date spot in Coastal Virginia? Zia Marie’s. Great food and terrific ambiance.

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