Sit. Stay. Eat.

If Chef David Everett’s goal is to conquer Williamsburg, he is going about it the right way, by appealing to the tastebuds of the public. With three distinct and distinguished restaurants under his toque—Blue Talon Bistro, The Trellis and now, DoG Street Pub (DoG is an acronym for Duke of Gloucester Street, the eatery’s location)—his victory may be close at hand.

DoG Street Pub is a gastropub, offering tavern-style food with an upscale preparation and presentation of top-quality ingredients. Located in a former bank, the open, airy space with hewn wooden tables and chairs, is as inviting as the well-thought-out menu.

A recent midday stop included a classic offering, the Ploughman’s Lunch. Artfully arranged on a wooden serving piece was a hearty meal of cheddar cheese, ham pate, sliced apple, beet root, deviled egg, pickles and black bread orbiting around beautifully dressed greens. A delightful crisp hard cider complemented the plate.

DoG Street Pub - 401 West Duke of Gloucester St., Williamsburg 757-293-6478