Getaway at Home

Hampton Roads Magazine sponsors Homearama Fall 2012’s Coastal Idea House, a full-time residence that offers a daily vacation

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In the spring 2012 SAH Homearama house, the talented team of Sharon Goodwin and Susan Wilson of Goodwin Interiors showed just what could be achieved in terms of both unity and variety with a consistent color palette of sand and sea blue. 

Here, they add to that soothing harmony inspiration from the Gulf Stream where blue water meets green. Still fresh and tranquil, this inclusion adds a dimension of the unexpected, especially since this daring design duo pushes beyond the blue-greens to add tones like celery and citron. They amp up the volume of these colors as well as the whimsy factor in the upstairs bed-and-bath areas, adding a fanciful fish mural in one bedroom, courtesy of Brum Faux Finishing, and a sprinkling of real starfish to create a unique wainscoting in the bath.

These designers also boldly and successfully mix and match natural and painted wood, wicker/straw and upholstered furniture throughout the home, just as they do delightfully unlikely textiles, fearlessly placing a chair upholstered in both a fresh multicolored plaid and a monochromatic nautical botanical atop a traditional Oriental rug. And they have particularly fashionable fun with window treatments, combining compatibly contrasting fabrics with a stylish array of hooks and knobs, ties and loops, never stealing the show, but always giving you more than you bargained for, tempered with restraint.

Speaking of the unexpected ... in most homes of the last decade or so, powder rooms have been treated like jewel boxes—small spaces where designers feel freer to take a few over-the-top risks with darker colors and more bling. In this home, the opposite is true, but the effect is the same; by making the space light, airy and casual—even a bit rustic—complete with robin’s egg blue outdoor siding on the walls, it becomes a diminutive retreat with the feel of a high-end outdoor bathroom.

With green features galore and a lot of high-tech features on the down-low, perhaps, says Quick, this home is best compared to the ideal woman—if you’ll pardon any sexist undertone —“It’s pretty, but it also has a brain.”