New Years Resolution: Our Extensive Guide to Getting in Shape

Get pumped for the new year with our extensive guide to getting in shape

It’'s time to make good on that promise
and make a serious effort to better your body, health and overall well-being. Whether you are a first-time exerciser or seasoned sweater looking to try something new or kick up your routine, the next 12 pages will give you everything you need to make winter hibernation a thing of the past. We have the skinny on inventive fitness routines (think flippers, silk ropes and rumbas), trendy diets, the best restaurant salads, moms in motion, inspiring walks, CrossFit 757, hashing clubs, trainer tips and using the natural beauty of the Hampton Roads outdoors to enhance your workouts. Read on, get out and never give up!

Fit the Fun Way

Through everyday activity in a recreational region, these trainers say you can reach your goals in 2012
By Michael Jon Khandelwal

On a sunny fall day, Roger Arrington is outside throwing a football as he waits for this Hampton Roads Magazine interview to begin. Why? Because he loves football and doesn’t waste any of his time with something that isn’t fun. That’s the message that he and Lori Green, both trainers at the Fit Company in Norfolk’s West Ghent, like to spread—that everyone can improve their fitness just by having fun and keeping moving throughout their day.

Step Out

10 Great Walks in Hampton Roads
By Betsy DiJulio

Since elementary school, I have loved to walk. I had a brief fling with running but quickly returned to my true love. It’s good for body, mind and soul. Hampton Roads boasts many beautiful and diverse places to hike in weather that is conducive virtually year-round. Our state parks are particularly attractive and widespread, and their websites are packed with photos and helpful information from driving directions to trail maps. Here, I highlight 10 walks from the far reaches of our locale—some I’ve done many times, while others are on the “to do” list and are recommended by Katherine Jackson, who literally “wrote the book” (Walking Virginia Beach, Falcon, May 1999) and now writes a walking blog for the city of Virginia Beach. (

1.      Chesapeake – Northwest River Park
2.      Eastern Shore – Kiptopeke State Park
3.      Newport News – Noland Trail
4.      Norfolk – Elizabeth River Trail
5.      Norfolk Botanical Gardens
6.      Suffolk – Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge
7.      Virginia Beach – Boardwalk
8.      First Landing State Park
9.      False Cape
10.  Williamsburg – York River State Park


Get in the Box

Crossfit 757 offers fierce competitors a workout option with plenty of intensity
By Stephen Stewart

I met with Weiss, whom fittingly favored Leonidas, for three sessions to learn the fundamental CrossFit ex­ercises. He outlined the core principle of the program that defines fitness by 10 met­rics and promotes balance across each by pushing your body to adapt to ever-chang­ing workouts.

The sessions were not without Weiss extolling the Paleo (Paleolithic) diet that endorses basic foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts and avoids grains and processed foods. “It’s simple,” Weiss reasoned, “What goes into your body is what comes out when you’re pushing through a WOD.”

For my first WOD, I met charm­ing Chelsea (many benchmark work­outs are named for the better species and are rumored to appropriately leave you exhausted and yearning for more) and wondered if she cared that my lunch wasn’t Flintstone-approved. Chelsea and I looked like a perfect match—pull-ups, push-ups and squats (5, 10, 15 respec­tively), each minute, for 30 minutes. Our relationship started off promising, but after 10 minutes, I began to think, “It’s not you, it’s me,” as others continued to crank out pull-ups without appearing to have just outrun a rabid Ger­man shepherd. More humble than I was 30 minutes earlier, I lay on the concrete making sweat angels as a CF757 vet­eran introduced herself and cheerfully proclaimed that the WODs were the best part of her day—a sentiment that I understood weeks later but that day only earned my nod and smile.


Field of Greens

Some of the tastiest and freshest salads offered by area eateries
By Patrick Evans-Hylton

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And eating healthier is on our minds at the beginning of the year, but it’s salad days we are thinking of. Hampton Roads restaurant menus don’t lack salads. Virtually every eatery offers one, two or more as a starter, side or replacement to the entrée. We almost always order a salad when dining out, and we’ve dug through our notes to find some worth mentioning. We don’t know if one of our favorite salads will do to keep the physician at bay, but we offer up 12 fields of greens that bowl us over—one for each month—to try throughout 2012.

The place: Baker’s Crust
The salad: Wine Country Salad,
$9.99 (half portion, $7.49)

330 W. 21st St., Norfolk
There are also Baker’s Crust
locations in Chesapeake, Virginia
Beach, Williamsburg and

The place: Blue Talon Bistro
The salad: Nicoise Salad, $16.95
420 Prince George St., Williamsburg

The place: Buon Amici
Ristorante & Pizzeria
The salad: Manakintowne Field
Greens Salad, $8
5201 Center St., Williamsburg

The place: Croc’s 19th Street Bistro
The salad: Grilled Caesar, $10
620 19th St., Virginia Beach

The place: Fire & Vine
Woodfire Cuisine
The salad: Chef’s Table, $13
(with certain entrees, $8)
1556 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach

The place: La Bella in Ghent
The salad: Insalta Della
Casa, $6.99
738 W. 22nd St., Norfolk
There are also two La Bella
locations in Virginia Beach; visit

The place: Luna Maya
The salad: Ensalada Verde, $7
2010 Colley Ave., Norfolk
757-622-6986, visit

The place: No Frill Bar and Grill
The salad: Spotswood
Salad, $10.99
806 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk
There is also a No Frill location in
Virginia Beach.

The place: Norfolk Chop House
The salad: Rosemary Wedge, $8
2314 Colonial Ave., Norfolk
757-627-1190, www.

The place: Orapax Inn
The salad: Greek salad, small,
$4.29; large, $7.99
1300 Redgate Ave., Norfolk

The place: Press 626 Café
and Wine Bar
The salad: Create your own
salad, $10 for up to 10 items;
additional cost for additional
626 W. Olney Rd., Norfolk

The place: Still Worldly
Eclectic Tapas
The salad: Beet, Arugula and
Goat Cheese Salad
450 Court St., Portsmouth

On, On!

Hashing offers runners camaraderie and the thrill of the chase
By Karen Haywood

Hampton Roads offers a number of hashes with weekly runs on different days. The Fort Eustis Hash House Harriers, founded in 1971, is the longest continuously running hash in the United States. For 40 years, the group has run every week—rain or shine, holiday or not. Most runs now are Saturdays at 3 p.m., says Joy “Arrested Development” Mason, grand mason of the group.

“There are people who have a hard time running—hashing makes it fun,” Mason says. “You feel like a kid again, out there in the woods. You’re free to be whoever you are, whatever you want to be.”

You’ll hash with doctors, plumbers, police officers, firemen, engineers, factory workers, colonels, privates and award-winning marathoners—people from all runs of life. But you likely won’t know it at least for a while hashers mostly avoid talking politics, social status and other topics that tend to divide people.

If you’re not a six-minute miler, no worries. Hashers accept everyone including beginning runners and walkers, Mason says.

In the Fort Eustis hash, talking about your races is frowned on—and called ‘racist’ behavior. To even out the challenge, the hares often lay out different loops for fast runners, called eagles, and for slower runners and walkers, called turkeys.

Flat Belly Feat

Month-long diet renews energy, revitalizes body and rekindles friendship between woman and weight
By Angela Blue

I chose the book Flat Belly Diet! for two reasons: 1. The name—I really want a flat belly. 2. The philosophy: A flat belly is about food and attitude. Period. (Not a single crunch required).


The first step of the diet was the Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart. This included four days of four small meals accompanied by a glass of “sassy water”—water, ginger, cucumber, lemon and mints leaves. The key to the diet is to eat MUFAS (monoun­saturated fatty acids) with every meal. MUFAS include oils, olives, nuts and seeds, avocados and dark chocolate, but oils and seeds were the only MUFAS allowed in the first four days. During these four days, the book lists specific foods, seasonings and drinks to stay away from such as salt, excess carbs, gassy foods, fried foods (a given) and alcohol, coffee and tea.

Top 10

Ways to burn calories while exploring the area’s best sights and sounds
By Ashley Applewhite

1.      The Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a great place for running while overlooking the gorgeous water and listening to the soothing sounds of the shimmering ocean. The three-mile boardwalk stretches alongside 50 attractions and ever-changing sights, making no two runs on his grand path alike
2.      If you’d rather be in the water, surfing the Virginia Beach waves is a perfect way to condition the entire body by using strength, energy and constant movement. Plus, you can use cool phrases like, “Did you see how gnarly those waves were, brah?”
3.      For something in between running beside the water and being in it, kayaking is a terrific way to work those arms and burn up to 500 calories per hour while enjoying beautiful scenery. Northwest River Park in Chesapeake offers 763 acres of wetlands near the National River.
4.      If you’re looking to strengthen your legs rather than arms, try paddle boating. Boost your muscles and get a moderate cardio workout at False State Cape Park, a mile-wide split between Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast corner of Virginia Beach.
5.      Cold weather can hinder your motivation for getting out, but instead of waiting for the temperature to rise, take advantage of the chill by heading to a skating rink. Ice skating is an excellent aerobic exercise that works the lower body and waistline while strengthening your legs. Visit the rink beside Hampton’s Virginia Air and Space Center or stop by Norfolk’s MacArthur Centerthrough Jan. 16 to lace up and let loose on the ice.

Bump it up

How to remain active when your body has a baby on board
By Melissa M. Stewart

My fitness regime has consisted of continuing to attend some of my favorite classes at Onelife Fitness—Spin, Body Step and Yoga (with a few modifications, naturally)—but now that I have reached my 27th week of pregnancy, I have been noticing a lot more strange stares directed at my rapidly expanding waistline. So, I began to seek an exercise environment where my bump didn’t make me feel so... out there.

I found the support and good sweat I desired at Stroller Strides. After exchanging a few emails with Virginia Beach franchise owner Denise Cranmore and receiving my doctor’s permission to to Mount Trashmore to join other moms and moms-to-be interested in both fitness and friendship.

Stroller Strides is a program geared to new moms with babies (and strollers), but Denise assured me that expectant moms were also more than welcome. (A specific prenatal class called Fit 4Baby also falls under the Stroller Strides umbrella but is not currently offered in Hampton Roads.) A few minutes into my first Strides session, I became relieved that I did not feel awkward at all about not having a baby to push as our group jogged around the trails and up and down the hills of the park. Instructors insist that all participants work at their own pace and complete the walking/running intervals and strength training stations to the best of their abilities. While some moms raced off into stroller sprints, others felt more comfortable with a brisk walk.

Inventive Exercise Challenge

Bored with the same old fitness routine? We sent our writers across Hampton Roads to test some fun and fresh workouts that will spice up your normal sweat regimen

Getting Warmer
Fitness Test: Hot Yoga

Fin it to Win it
Fitness Test: Finning

Punch, Kick, Repeat
Fitness Test: Kore Kick

Paddle Away the Pounds
Fitness Test: Kayaking

New Heights in Fitness
Fitness Test: Aerial Silks

Where You Lead, I Will Follow ...Usually
Fitness Test: Ballroom Dancing

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