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Kim, who has been called a ‘crazy Canuck’ many times, hails from the land of the great North—Canada.  A journalism broadcasting major, she found her niche in writing after her radio instructor labeled her writing as “too flowery for radio news”.  Her television instructor concurred.  But she socked it to them by graduating with honors and has never looked back!

Kim began her career in Toronto covering fashion events—her favorites being Toronto Fashion Week and Toronto Alternative Fashion Week.  She still syndicates with that same publication blogging about her experiences here in Southern Virginia.

After a brief sabbatical, Kim and her husband (then boyfriend), Josh established their new home in Norfolk, VA at the end of last year.  Newlywed, after a private ceremony in January, Kim is embracing Hampton Roads’ uniqueness.  Kim is also loving her view of the Chesapeake Bay from her window and the fact that she is living on the beach for the first time ever.

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