Grapefruit Pate De Fruit

Grapefruit Pate De Fruit

The life of a professional chef is a different one indeed, especially when that chef rolls at one of the hottest spots in New York City. Rather than converting this recipe from the method used by Lara at Eleven Madison Park, we thought we’d run it as-is to give you a taste of that realm; we’ll include the home cook version as a web extra at HamptonRoadsMagazine.Com.


1000 g pink grapefruit puree
128 g sugar
35 g apple pectin
1280 g Sugar
192 g trimoline
192 g Glucose
23 g citric
20 g aroma
11 g grapefruit bitters
pink color, red color


Warm puree. Mix together the smaller amount of sugar and pectin. Whisk pectin mixture into puree. Bring to just a boil, stir in sugar, trimoline and glucose a little at a time—not too fast—so you don’t cool and set the pectin. Continue to boil over medium heat. Stir constantly to avoid burning. Cook to 105C, stir in bitters and aromas, be sure the PDF comes back to a boil. Then add citric acid. Pour onto a flat, level, parchment lined full sheet pan. Cool at room temperature.

Yields one half-sheet pan

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