Book Review - True Tales of the Tide


True Tales of the Tide
Outdoor writing has a tendency to be either informative or narrative, but rarely both. That’s why True Tales of the Tide: An Angler’s Lifelong Quest (Dorrance Publishing Co., $13) is a breath of fresh air. Author Mike Halperin—a Virginia Beach resident, retired schoolteacher and Navy veteran—exhibits both a command of the sport (he’s caught fish the size of small vehicles) and a knack for clever narration. This book’s 13 chapters follow Halperin on all types of fishing adventures (which he assures readers are “absolutely true” despite anglers’ reputations for casting tall tales). Halperin harvests the best stories from his decades-long passion for the sport and gives readers a sense of the emotional and physical toll serious fishing takes on devotees. He tells of catching two citation-sized spot in one day, of reeling in two fish—one of whom ate the other—on the same cast, of “riding shotgun” when a boat mate reeled in the largest fish ever caught in Virginia, a 1099-pound., 12-ounce tiger shark. Local readers will enjoy that most of Halperin’s first-person accounts take place in and around Hampton Roads. The book’s five appendices offer tips and techniques for targeting specific species that inhabit Hampton Roads and for employing specific tactics, such as trolling, that work well in local waterways. These pointers are a nice addition to the “Captain’s Tips” found at the end of each chapter, imparting valuable advice that Halperin has painstakingly learned over years of getting his lines wet. True Tales of the Tide: An Angler’s Lifelong Quest by Mike Halperin, Dorrance Publishing Co., Pittsburgh, 2009.
—Ben Swenson

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