Things To Do This Summer: 4 Classic Sports

For lifelong enjoyment consider golf, equestrian, tennis, and sailing

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Featured Venue: Newport News Huntington Park Tennis

Affiliated with the Newport News Department of Parks and Recreation, the Huntington Park Tennis Center has 20 lighted courts, racquet stringing, ball machine and backboard. Harvey Robinson is the on-site tennis professional. Harvey and his trained staff conduct a range of classes and clinics for all ages, including the popular Quick Start Tennis Classes for youth.

“Quick Start Tennis is a tennis instructional program designed for children 10 and under. The tennis equipment and playing surfaces are scaled down to help kids have fun while developing tennis skills. The racquets, balls and court fit the age of the child. It is a fun way for kids to learn the game without becoming frustrated by having to play on an adult size court with an adult size racquet. It is a great way to build confidence, develop hand/eye coordination and make friends.”
—Newport News Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Contact: Pro Harvey Robinson

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