Things To Do This Summer: 4 Classic Sports

For lifelong enjoyment consider golf, equestrian, tennis, and sailing

Equestrian is one of many lifelong activities you can do

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Extreme sports have their place. It’s exciting to watch Olympian Kelly Clark execute tricks above a frosty half-pipe, or marvel at Laird Hamilton’s humongous wave-challenging surfing, but chances are you won’t be pulling those tricks when you’re 65.  

This issue, we’ve headed back to basics, featuring four classic sports that will pay dividends for a lifetime, no matter the skill level to which the participant may rise: horseback riding, golf, sailing and tennis. We’re also highlighting select local venues and instructional resources around the region to help you get started.

In addition to the obvious physical and mental health benefits for participants of all ages, children who take up these traditional recreations also develop an appreciation for each sport’s required conventions of costume, etiquette and terminology. In the case of riding and sailing, youth are trained to utilize and care for very specialized gear; they must concentrate on unique safety issues and become responsible for the physical wellbeing and maintenance of the horse. These settings require complete focus and are definitely ‘no texting’ zones.

Featured Venue: East Coast Equestrian Training Center, Virginia Beach

This large equine facility is located in the scenic Pungo borough of Virginia Beach and includes one of the largest attached indoor riding areas in the region. Susan Golesh and her dedicated trainers accept students of all levels: younger students just beginning their athletic careers, returning students who wish to get their skills back up to speed, and new adult riders who are fulfilling a long-held dream. Bucket lists are definitely welcome here. Multiple services are available, and the facilities host a range of educational and competitive events:

•    Boarding
•    Riding Lessons
•    Horse Training
•    Equestrian Events
•    Horse Shows
•    Horse Camps       
•    Equestrian Teams and Clubs
•    Largest attached indoor arena in SE Virginia (130’x 270’)
•    2 exterior show rings
•    Mirrored dressage ring
•    Almost 100 acres of land with trails

The training center is proud to be a part of the equestrian competitions for middle and secondary school students (public and private) across the country.  Best of all, you do not need to own your own horse to be a part of their riding team. Students from grades 6–12 are eligible to compete. For a relaxing treat, guided rides along adjacent trails may be booked in advance.

Contact: Director Sharon Golesh

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