Manscaping to the MAX

Jake’s Place of Ghent Invites Guys to Undergo an Eye-opening Grooming Experience

Jake's Place Spa

If you use the words “men’s spa” in a sentence when talking to three of your best buddies, you’re not not going to get laughed at.

That’s what happened to me when I announced that I was going to Jake’s Place, a spa and salon geared to men in Norfolk’s Ghent district. As an NCAA athlete playing lacrosse for Virginia Wesleyan College, I am highly aware that a European facial treatment is never toward the top of the to-do list for the typical alpha male in the locker room.

I know, guys—but for now, just bite your sharp-witted tongue and read.

Jake Cobb, the owner, explained to me what makes Jake’s Place different from other guy-centric salons. “Our business is deeply rooted in our ownership,” he said. “You can go to a Knockouts or any other branch, but it wouldn’t be the same. In today’s world, I don’t think people take enough time for themselves, and that is what Jake’s Place is all about.”

For the guys who think they’re too manly to engage in a five-star spa experience, Jake said, “They simply don’t know what they are missing. When we get somebody through the door once, they are clients for life.” I walked through the front doors of Jake’s Place prepared to experience The Male Habitat spa package along with a fresh shave. First I headed to the locker room, where I took a cleansing 10-minute steam, showered and put on one of the spa’s silky-soft robes.Jake's Place In Ghent Offers Massage And Shaving for Men

From there, massage therapist Ashley Warren showed me to the softly lit massage room that would eventually put me in a complete trance.

The 60-minute massage was the most calming experience that I can remember. The combination of faded lighting, subtle music and Ashley’s gifted hands nearly put me to sleep. She targeted every tense muscle that I had informed her of and coated my upper back with Bio-Freeze, a product that chills your epidermis and cools down your aggravated muscles before heating up with a light tingle of warmth. Then she placed hot towels along my back, warming deep down into my muscle tissue.

After that came the “sissy” stuff.

I, of course, had no idea that Handshake Maintenance and a Ten- Toe Touchdown was code for mani-pedi. From Paraffin wax including key minerals and oils to nail files and moisturizing lotions, both services were phenomenally relaxing and cleansing.

The last of my four services was the hot lather shave. Any guy who is in need of a clean shave should invest in this treatment and drop the Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

My entire face was covered with three layers of hot towels as I laid back in a cushiony leather recliner. When they were removed, Dana Fulcher lathered my face with shaving gel and, using a straight razor, she shaved with and against the grain of my face and neck. Afterward, she lightly wiped my face of the hot lather with an ice-cold towel and again placed a layer of three hot towels across my face. Finally she covered my face in American Crew lubricating oil for the last step of the revitalizing process. I exited the doors of Jake’s Place feeling completely revitalized, both mentally and physically. If I were to toot my own horn, I’d say that I was freshly prepped for a night about town.

Cease your “masculine man” ways for a few hours, and pay a visit to Jake’s Place—because when you walk through the door once, you may become a client for life, despite what your friends think.