HRM's Sweet Sixteen: The Local Legends and Viral Sensations

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Today's match-ups pit local legendary figures Ella Fitzgerald and Clarence Clemons against one another, as well as viral senstations Rahat "The Invisible Driver" Hossain and Charles the Monarch. The cases for each individual are strong, as Ella Fitzgerald is, after all, the "Queen of Jazz," and Clarence Clemons will surely go down in history as The Boss' right-hand "Big Man." And then, there's ODU student Rahat Hossain, who kept us entertained at our work computers and gave us a video to pass around among friends for days. Still, Charles the Monarch does have the furry friend thing going for him. . .

Whether you're Team Ella or Team Labradoodle, we encourage you to vote below and spread the word to your friends to ensure that your favorites move ahead to the final round.

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HRM Sweet Sixteen: The Local Legends

HRM Sweet Sixteen: The Viral Sensations

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