Belly Dancing at Bally Fitness

Take the work out of working out by belly dancing your way to a sexy body and more self confidence.

As the summer season officially kicks off, fitness-minded folks are spending countless hours in the gym trying to get their bodies into sexy mode for the hot days ahead. While running on a treadmill and lifting weights are fine ways to get in shape, they can become lackluster quickly. If you are looking for a way to add a wow factor to your workout routine while still burning calories, skip the belly crunching and try belly dancing..

“Our classes focus on strengthening our bodies and minds through positive movement and communication,” says Hipnotic Dance Studio owner Rachel Micheletti. “We spend as much time learning as we do laughing and sharing. We mix a traditional feeling Middle Eastern dance with an American aesthetic so our students are able to create something uniquely their own.”

Hipnotic Belly Dancing Studio, located in Chesapeake, is offering its beginner’s dance class that teaches students the fundamentals of belly dancing beginning June 2. This class is designed for students of all ages and focuses on basic postures, layering, combinations and movement. Micheletti promises that students will leave each class with a new found sense of confidence.

“The idea of belly dancing immediately evokes the exotic and sensual side of a woman, and that can often be lost in our everyday hectic lives,” Micheletti says.

Wondering what exactly one would wear to class? Students are welcome to wear any clothing that is comfortable enough to work out in. Many prefer to dance barefoot across the studio floor, but footwear such as jazz shoes, dance paws and even socks are a welcomed addition. Bring a hip scarf to really help get you in the dance groove.

If you are interested in truly submerging yourself in the Middle Eastern culture, Hipnotic Dance Studio also sells beautiful and traditional dance attire, makeup and accessories.

Beginning dance classes are held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6–7 p.m. throughout the month. Students may pre-pay for classes online or pay upon arrival. Prices are $10 per drop-in class, $35 for four classes and $60 for eight classes. For more information about Hipnotic Dance Studio, call 757-681-6676 or visit

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