Meet Joyce Weeks

Interview conducted at Anderson’s Showplace Café in Newport News.

Name: Joyce Weeks

Residence: Hampton

How long have you lived in Hampton Roads? 45 years.

What is your occupation? I was a math teacher for 24 years and a math administrator for 18 years. The last three to four years I have been working as a consultant at Love4Math.

What do you love most about Fall? The colorful leaves and change in season.

Name something you rarely do but wish you could do more often. Go fishing. My husband has a boat that we used to go fishing on in the Chesapeake Bay. We aren’t into pier fishing as much as fishing on a boat.

What is the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to you? Being proposed to. My husband proposed to me in a movie theater. I don’t remember the movie. You can’t expect me to remember what we were seeing when he popped a diamond ring on my finger!

What are you proud of? My family. I had two children. One was killed but I am still proud of him. And I am proud of my second son too, and my sister, brother and their children. I like how we connect. It’s an important aspect of our lives. We love to be around each other and do things for one another.

What was the highlight of this week? I’ve been trying to get my husband to buy new bedding for our guest bedroom. We finally did it this week.

Name a TV show you watch reruns of. Martin. My son has the whole collection, so when he’s around and it’s on I sit and watch it with him.

What is your favorite junk food? Pecan pie—the one I make. I got the recipe for it out of Southern Living Magazine and it is phenomenal.

Do you have a favorite CD? I like listening to Jeff Majors. He is a jazz and gospel singer. I love his albums and music.

What is something you would want people to know about you? My hobbies are sewing, floral crafts and decorating for weddings, at church and different occasions. I enjoy doing different projects for different ministries. I used to do free tutoring at the public library on Sundays. Really, I just like helping people and reaching out to others.

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