Meet Samantha Ruhlman

Interview conducted at PMS Deli and Catering in Virginia Beach

Name: Samantha Ruhlman

Residence: Virginia Beach

How long have you lived in Hampton Roads? My whole life—20 years.

What is your favorite Hampton Roads festival? The East Coast Surfing Competition at the beach oceanfront. It takes place right before Labor Day. I like to watch the surfing, and they give away free stuff.

Where is your favorite place to vacation? Michigan, near Detroit. My dad’s family lives there.

What is your favorite piece of technology? My phone. It keeps me connected to everyone and I can take it places.

Describe yourself in three words. Charismatic, unorganized and carefree.

What sort of first impression do you think you give people? They would think I am happy. I smile a lot.

What is something that drives you crazy? When people watch the same movie over and over again.

Name a food you hate eating. Peas. They taste bitter, and they are mushy too.

Which Hampton Roads music venue is your favorite to see a concert? Farm Bureau Live. It’s the one I’ve always went to. It’s big, and it’s where the big bands go.

Who is your favorite actor or celebrity? Nick Jonas. I saw him at the amphitheatre one time and since then I fell in love with him. 

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