Meet Maxine Washington

Interview conducated at Taste Unlimited in Newport News. 

Name: Maxine Washington

Residence: Newport News

How long have you lived in Hampton Roads? Since March. I just moved here from Miami.

Where do you go for a weekend getaway? My boyfriend’s house in Miami. I just moved here so I don’t know too many places around here.

What is one of your favorite activities? I like to go shopping. I especially like thrift shopping.

What is the hardest thing you have ever done? I did this exercise boot camp once. It was like military boot camp. I almost passed out. It was Crossfit training combined with P90X.

What is your favorite dessert? Cheesecake. I actually make it myself. I prefer chocolate cheesecake, but I like the New York or regular kind as well. I love to eat.

What was your favorite toy as a kid? An ice cream maker that my parents bought me. I told you I’m greedy—I love to eat!

When is your favorite time of day? The night time. I am a night owl. I prefer to sleep during the day and be up at night.

Which TV show is your favorite? I have been into “Game of Thrones” lately. I started watching it then had to go back and watch every episode I missed. HBO has the best shows.

What is your favorite possession? My phone would be something that I can’t live without. But my favorite possession would be my lace jacket. It’s a cardigan made out of lace, and I love it.

What is your favorite thing about Hampton Roads so far? I like the laid back atmosphere. Everything is really green and really nice overall. I am looking forward to fall to see the leaves change colors.

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