Meet Catherine Gendell

Interview conducted at Cafe Stella in Norfolk.

Name: Catherine Gendell

Occupation: EVMS Teaching Associate

Residence: Chesapeake

How long have you lived in HRVA? 33 years

Which celebrity would play you in a movie? Mila Kunis. We seem to have the same sort of spunk.

If you had a vanity license plate, then what would it say? I actually do have a vanity plate and it says “sauce” on it. I chose that because I think I am saucy.

If you had a time machine, then what point of history would you travel to? I would like to go back to Shakespeare’s time and see his plays as they were happening.

You win the mega-millions lotto. How do you spend the money? First, I would pay off some bills. Then, I’d buy a new house and go on a vacation to lots of different places with friends as my treat. But I wouldn’t blow it all, and I would keep working. I’d have crazy fun but still be reasonable.

What is your guilty pleasure? GLEE, the TV show. I love the sappy teenage angst.

What is the best part of your day? Taking my dogs down to the water.

What is the best part of Hampton Roads? That there are so many theatres. My favorite is probably the Little Theatre of Norfolk. I believe it’s the longest-running theatre in the state.

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