One Cool Soup

Gazpacho celebrates the bounty of the season with farm fresh vegetables by the ladleful

Cool gazpacho soup recipe

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It’s farmers market season (see our Dish feature on page 102), and an abundance of garden-fresh veggies make this a perfect time to make gazpacho.

And many folks may be surprised to know this delightful chilled soup——wonderful in the summertime—has strong Virginia roots.

In fact, an early recipe called “Gaspacha-Spanish” appeared in Mary Randolph’s The Virginia Housewife cookbook in 1824; she may have heard about the dish from her sister who lived in Spain.

Randolph writes:
“Put some soft biscuit or toasted bread in the bottom of a sallad bowl, put in a layer of sliced tomatas with the skin taken off, and one of sliced cucumbers, sprinkled with pepper, salt and chopped onion; do this until the bowl is full, stew some tomatas quite soft, strain the juice. Mix in some mustard and oil, and pour over it: make it two hours before it is eaten.”

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