Web Exclusive: Maliboom Boom

Nick Vitale and the Radio Maliboom Boom Invade Virginia Beach

By Angela Blue

Think back to the best summer job you ever had. Now add hundreds of beautiful women, a stipend of $15,000, traveling to 10 awesome cities, constant parties, platinum musical superstars and never-ending Malibu drinks. This has been the amazing summer of Virginia Beach local Nick Vitale. 

Vitale was chosen for the job of a lifetime as the Station Invasion Concert Tour emcee for the Radio Maliboom Boom tour. All summer long, he’s been sporting flip flops, sipping Malibu drinks and—most importantly—getting the party started in 10 different cities with mega-platinum singer-songwriter Taio Cruz and Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum superstar Ciara as well as legendary DJ Skribble.

Vitale was born and raised in Virginia Beach where he attended First Colonial High School. He was chosen as a the Face of Fox 43 and co-host of the “Hampton Roads Show” in 2009, and he feels that his experience in Hampton Roads has helped him to obtain his current position. “I learned a lot from working with “The “Hampton Roads Show,” and with the duties of the Face of Fox, we had to write our own blogs, shoot our own videos, and those are things that I’m also doing here, so that was perfect preparation for this job.”

He was chosen for the tour based on a Facebook contest that he entered by submitting a video that people voted on, and he was flown to Barbados with two other finalists to perform “grueling” training. “Yes, it was terrible,” Vitale said, jokingly. “They were like, ‘You have to wake up, and you have to go on this catamaran and go snorkeling with these turtles, and you have to go on this Jeep across the country in Barbados and check it all out.’”

Of course his training involved some actual work such as learning the rundown of the tour, the duties expected and education about the Malibu brand. “It definitely balanced out well with the beautiful Carribean sunshine,” Vitale said. The contestants also were assigned tasks such as making videos, writing blogs and chatting with the locals about the tour so that the judges could see how they interacted with people face-to-face. “Luckily I came out the victor, and I’m not complaining one bit,” he said.

Vitale explained that in every city the tour stops, he gets there a couple days ahead of time and goes to the bars to meet some of the locals, buys them a round of drinks and fills them in on the Station Invasion tour in hopes that they’ll RSVP.

On the night of the party, his primary job is pumping everyone up and getting them in the Malibu state of mind. When asked the best way to achieve this, Vitale automatically had the fix: “Pick up a pair of sandals and head to the beach and a bottle of Malibu coconut rum. That’s all you need; it’s like a little package of happiness there,” he said. “Liquid sunshine, if you will.”

Working with superstars isn’t bad either. “Ciara is as talented as she is beautiful. She’s hit every facet of entertainment possible, and she’s great to work with,” Vitale said. “DJ Skribble is so low-key. This guy’s been spinning for years, and he’s as humble as anyone I’ve ever met.”
Cities on Vitale’s tour include Miami, Virginia Beach, Jersey Shore, Boston, New York City, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. “I’m equally excited, but if one’s going to take the cake, I’d obviously have to say my hometown, Virginia Beach.” The tour stopped here on July 21 at Peabody’s, one of the places Vitale used to hang out when he was younger.
The final stop will be in Phoenix on September 1 where the summer tour will officially end, and Vitale will go back to living a normal life or perhaps move on to bigger things. For now, he’s opting to enjoy the moment. “How can you not have a great time when you’re surrounded by beautiful women and Malibu rum and all of your friends enjoying themselves?” he said. “It is hands down the best job I’ve ever had.”

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