Super Doctors 2011

Hampton Roads Super Doctors 2011

?Have you ever wondered—who is the "doctor's doctor"? Wouldn't it be nice to know which physicians are trusted and sought out by colleagues for medical care? Although being a savvy health care consumer and researcher is a smart idea, the pursuit of such information can prove a daunting task, so Key Professional Media, Inc., a leading researcher and publisher of Super Doctors®, did the work for you.

More than 20,000 doctors were asked to nominate one or more colleagues (excluding themselves) they would choose in seeking medical care. The Super Doctors research team investigated further and searched for exceptional doctors to complement the results. Candidates were evaluated on the indicators of peer recognition, professional achievement and disciplinary history.

Doctors were grouped into thirty-six specialties. Professionals with the highest scores from each grouping were invited to serve on a blue ribbon panel and asked to evaluate the candidates in their specialty. Finally, doctors who acquired the highest total points from the surveys, research and blue ribbon panel review were selected for inclusion in Hampton Roads Super Doctors 2011.

Of course, no list is perfect. Many qualifi ed doctors who are providing excellent care to their patients are not included on this year's Super Doctors list. However, if you're looking for exceptional physicians who have earned the confi dence and high regard of their peers—you can start your search here.


© 2011 Key Professional Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Super Doctors is a registered trademark of Key Professional Media, Inc.Disclaimer: The information presented is not medical advice, nor is Super Doctors a physician referral service. We strive to maintain a high degree of accuracy in the information provided. We make no claim, promise or guarantee about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in the directory. Selecting a physician is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertising. Super Doctors is the name of a publication, not a title or moniker conferred upon individual physicians. No representation is made that the quality of services provided by the physicians listed will be greater than that of other licensed physicians, and past results do not guarantee future success. Super Doctors is an independent publisher that has developed its own selection methodology; it is not affiliated with any federal, state or regulatory body. Self-designated practice specialties listed in Super Doctors do not imply "recognition" or "endorsement" of any field of medical practice, nor does it imply certification by a Member Medical Specialty Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), or that the physician has competence to practice the specialty.

This listing does not necessarily indicate that a doctor is a certified specialist in the designated field.
? indicates doctor's practice has a pediatric specialty or sub specialty.

Allergy & Immunology

Hogan, Angela D., Norfolk, 757?668?7320 ?
Kelly, Cynthia, Norfolk, 757?668?8255 ?
Maples, Kelly, Norfolk, 757?668?8255 ?
Moss, Gary B., Virginia Beach, 757?547?7702
Radin, Robert C., Virginia Beach, 757?468?6058 ?
Shield, Stephen W., Williamsburg, 757?259?0443 ?
Tamesis, Grace, Norfolk, 757?668?8255 ?
Zilliox, Ann P., Newport News, 757?873?3882 ?


Bergen, Wayne, Virginia Beach, 757?395?8000
Hamill, James F., Newport News, 757?591?2260
Polak, Mark, Norfolk, 757?668?7320 ?
Stiner, Jr., Allan E., Virginia Beach, 757?473?0044
Thompson, G. Kevin, Norfolk, 757?668?7007


Alimard, Ramin, Virginia Beach, 757?395?5300
Das, Surjya P., Williamsburg, 757?984?9800
Eich, David, Suffolk, 757?539?0251
Fleenor, Jonathan, Norfolk, 757?668?7214 ?
Griffin, John J., Virginia Beach, 757?395?5300
Harris, III, William O., Gloucester, 804?694?5553
Herre, John M., Norfolk, 757?889?5351
Klevan, Thomas, Norfolk, 757?889?5351
Onufer, John R., Virginia Beach, 757?395?5308
Parker, John P., Norfolk, 757?261?0700
Robertson, Scott A., Norfolk, 757?889?5351
Sarris, George A., Suffolk, 757?541?1050
Shah, Sanjay G., Norfolk, 757?261?0700
St Clair, III, Jesse W., Virginia Beach, 757?395?5300
Talreja, Deepak R., Virginia Beach, 757?395?5300
Vance, Michael, Norfolk, 757-668-7007 ?


Buckley, Ronald, Suffolk, 757?539?0251
Chang, Lawrence, Norfolk, 757?622?6315
Henry, III, Reginald B., Norfolk, 757?261?5944
Krop, Thomas M., Virginia Beach, 757?481?1666
Mackel, Susan E., Newport News, 757?873?0161
Nelson, Douglas L., Newport News, 757?873?0161
Pariser, David, Norfolk, 757-622-6315
Utecht, Lynn M., Virginia Beach, 757?481?1666
Williams, Judith V., Norfolk, 757?668?7546 ?

Emergency Medicine

Bono, Michael J., Virginia Beach, 757?467?4200
Cole, Charles E., Virginia Beach, 757?467?4200
Counselman, Francis, Norfolk, 757?388?3397


Aloi, Joseph A., Norfolk, 757?446?5908
Gyuricsko, Eric, Norfolk, 757?668?7237 ?
Harrison, Jr., H. Courtenay, Virginia Beach, 757?496?9020
Leddy, Anne L., Newport News, 757?595?4300
Mason, Mary Elizabeth, Virginia Beach, 757?496?9020
Nadler, Jerry L., Norfolk, 757?446?7065
Saadeh, Ghandi M., Norfolk, 757?261?5976
Satin?Smith, Marta, Norfolk, 757?668?7007 ?
Vinik, Aaron I., Norfolk, 757-446-5912

Endocrinology, Reproductive

Bocca, Silvina M., Norfolk, 757?446?7119
Oehninger, Sergio C., Norfolk, 757?446?7100


Gamsey, Alan J., Chesapeake, 757-889-6800
Howerton, Douglass H., Norfolk, 757-627-6416
Janson, Jan A., Virginia Beach, 757-481-4817
Johnson, David A., Norfolk, 757-446-0165
Raymond, Patricia L., Virginia Beach, 757-523-9755
Ryan, Michael J., Norfolk, 757-466-0165
Tsou, V. Marc, Norfolk, 757-668-7240

General/Family Medicine

Anderson, Peter B., Newport News, 757-594-3602
Baumgarten, Margaret Y., Portsmouth, 757-397-6344
Beavers, Tammy J., Newport News, 757-599-5588
Croteau, Louis J., Virginia Beach, 757-321-4030
Dietzler, Roxanne, Newport News, 757-599-3623
Elliott, Joy N., Newport News, 757-594-3800
Eng, Benjamin, Norfolk, 757-446-5955
Grant, Jr., Thomas R., Norfolk, 757?446?5955
Halverson, J. Matthew, Newport News, 757?599?5588
Heiby, Laura R., Virginia Beach, 757?309?4081
Hoyt, Jr., Phillip A., Newport News, 757?244?7901
Kingsbury, Michelle, Virginia Beach, 757?460?2171
Lizarzaburu, Jesus L., Grafton, 757?898?7737
Matson, Christine, Norfolk, 757?446?5955
Miller, Mitchell B., Virginia Beach, 757?563?2800
Provenzano, Jerome A., Newport News, 757?244?7901
Romero, Cynthia C., Virginia Beach, 757?420?9251
Rose, Meredith B., Virginia Beach, 757?413?7600
Soles, Jr., Donald E., Smithfield, 757?365?9090
Stockman, Lynne W., Suffolk, 757?606?1656
Woods, David W., Virginia Beach, 757?363?6733


Galicia?Castillo, Marissa C., Norfolk, 757?446?7040
Okhravi, Hamid R., Norfolk, 757?446?7040
Reed, Sharon, Norfolk, 757?446?7040


Galicia?Castillo, Marissa C., Norfolk, 757?446?7040
Okhravi, Hamid R., Norfolk, 757?446?7040
Reed, Sharon, Norfolk, 757?446?7040

Infectious Disease

Flenner, Ronald W., Norfolk, 757-446-8999
Harris, Jeffrey E.,
Newport News, 757-596-7115
Kluger, Daniel M.,
Newport News, 757-596-7115
LaRocco, Anthony,
Norfolk, 757-261-5946
Oldfield, III, Edward C.,
Norfolk, 757-946-8999
Sass, Laura,
Norfolk, 757-668-7238 ?

Internal Medicine

Bosworth, Christopher, Newport News, 757-594-2000
Clifford, Gregg R.,
Norfolk, 757-252-9250
Dixon, James G.,
Norfolk, 757-446-8920
Goode, Vera,
Virginia Beach, 757-460-2171
King, Paul A.,
Norfolk, 757-466-5794
Lisner, Charles A.,
Norfolk, 757-252-9330
Masner, Thomas J.,
Norfolk, 757-446-8920
Newman, Rosanne,
Hampton, 757-722-9961


Curley, Timothy M., Chesapeake, 757?436?5544
Gretes, John C., Newport News, 757?873?1009
Mccune, Thomas, Norfolk, 757?627?7301
Raafat, Reem, Norfolk, 757?668?7244 ?
Zydlewski, Anthony W.,Norfolk, 757?466?9288


Boulos, Martha, Hampton, 757?736?8050
Evans, Pamela S. Whiting, Norfolk, 757?388?6105
Lewis, Donald, Norfolk, 757?668?7320 ?
Marsteller, H. Blair, Hampton, 757?637?7500
Maton, Bruno M., Norfolk, 757?388?6105
Parcells, Patrick R., Newport News, 757?594?4010
Toor, Svinder, Norfolk, 757?668?9920 ?
Zweifler, Richard, Norfolk, 757?388?6105


Abuhamad, Alfred Z., Norfolk, 757?446?7900
Casanova, Lisa A., Newport News, 757?249?3000
Crockford, Jon L., Norfolk, 757?466?6350
Hanson, Lisbet M., Virginia Beach, 757?425?1600
Hughes, G. Theodore, Norfolk, 757?451?0929
Kennedy, Kris E., Virginia Beach, 757?481?7222
Puritz, Holly S., Norfolk, 757?466?6350
Warsof, Steven L., Norfolk, 757?446?7900
Wolcott, Hugh D., Norfolk, 757?451?0929


Alberico, Thomas A., Norfolk, 757?466?8683
Conkling, Paul R., Norfolk, 757?466?8683
Franzman, Craig C., Chesapeake, 757?436?2995
Kruger, Scott, Hampton, 757?827?9400
Lowe, Eric J., Norfolk, 757?668?7243 ?
Mattern, II, John Q. A., Newport News, 757?873?9400
Schlesinger, Kimberly W., Newport News, 757?534?5555
Squatrito, Robert C., Norfolk, 757?466?8683


Chamblee, Denise R., Newport News, 757?643?8800 ?
Lall?Trail, Joel, Norfolk, 757?461?3106 ?
McKee, Brian J., Newport News, 757?595?8404
Reda, Annette W., Norfolk, 757?461?3106
Shelton, Karen F., Hampton, 757?838?4500
Wagner, Alan L., Norfolk, 757?481?4400


Bacon, Geoffrey W., Hampton, 757?825?2500
Darrow, David H., Norfolk, 757?668?9327 ?
Derkay, Craig S., Norfolk, 757?668?9327 ?
Galantich, Peter T., Newport News, 757?599?5505 ?
Han, Joseph K., Norfolk, 757?388?6200 ?
Kalafsky, John T., Norfolk, 757?623?0526
Karakla, Daniel W., Norfolk, 757?388?6200
Sinacori, John T., Norfolk, 757?388?6200
Strasnick, Barry, Norfolk, 757?388?6200 ?
Wilson, Joseph F., Newport News, 757?599?5505


Aguiar, Maria A., Norfolk, 757-668-7275 ?
Amaker, Barbara H.,
Norfolk, 757-388-3221
Maia, Diane M.,
Norfolk, 757-889-5146
Nasim, Suhail,
Norfolk, 757-388-3221
Stanley, Scott,
Norfolk, 757-388-3221


Baucom, Sandra S., Chesapeake, 757?967?9765 ?
Brenner, Michelle G.,
Norfolk, 757?668?7400 ?
Brzeski, Richard R.,
Newport News, 757?595?0358 ?
Cotton, Jacqueline S.,
Virginia Beach, 757?226?7310 ?
Eichelberger, Scott P.,
Chesapeake, 757?668?2500 ?
Fink, Fredric N.,
Norfolk, 757?489?3551 ?
Fink, Robert A.,
Norfolk, 757?489?3551 ?
Jordan, Cami U.,
Virginia Beach, 757?491?7337 ?
Karp, Glenda S.,
Norfolk, 757?668?6500 ?
Khan, Jamil,
Norfolk, 757?668?7000 ?
Mcphee, Hugh T.,
Norfolk, 757?461?4027 ?
Montgomery, Thomas R.,
Virginia Beach,757?668?2840?
Ongkingco, Jose R.,
Hampton, 757?668?2200 ?
Proud, Virginia K.,
Norfolk, 757?668?9723 ?
Snyders, Glenn C.,
Virginia Beach, 757?491?7337 ?
Springer, Marianne G.,
Virginia Beach, 757?226?7340 ?
Strasnick, Victoria S.,
Virginia Beach, 757?226?7330 ?
Wrubel, Christopher J.,
Virginia Beach, 757?395?6500 ?

Physcial Med/Rehabilitation (Physiatry)

Barr, Lisa B., Norfolk, 757?422?2966
Gershon, Steven L., Virginia Beach, 757?496?2050


Blackman, Jerome S., Virginia Beach, 757?463?3000
Chessen, Douglas H., Newport News, 757?595?3900
Devitt, Charles K., Norfolk, 757?461?8833
Granoff, Abbot L., Norfolk, 757?461?7571

Pulmonary Medicine

Bowers, III, John T., Norfolk, 757?261?5977
Cooper, William R., Virginia Beach, 757?481?2515
Fishback, Nancy F., Norfolk, 757?625?0172
Johnson, Bruce E., Virginia Beach, 757?481?2515
Silva, Carlos A., Norfolk, 757?889?8677
Vorona, Robert D., Norfolk, 757?625?0172


Agola, John C., Virginia Beach, 757?466?0089
Bartol, Dennie T., Newport News, 757?594?2000
Cockerill, Mark L., Norfolk, 757?889?5422
Grasso, Susanne N., Virginia Beach, 757?466?0089 ?
Kushner, David C., Virginia Beach, 757?466?0089 ?


Clarkson, Sarah B., Chesapeake, 757?461?3400
Hakim, Christopher A.,
Williamsburg, 757?220?8579
Lidman, Roger W.,
Chesapeake, 757?461?3400
Maxwell, David B.,
Newport News, 757?595?2040

Sports Medicine

Bonner, Kevin F., Virginia Beach, 757?490?4802
Brenner, Joel,
Norfolk, 757?668?7850 ?
Brown, Samuel I.,
Suffolk, 757?547?5145
Cohn, Sheldon L.,
Virginia Beach, 757?321?3300

Surgery, Colon & Rectal

Fitzharris, Gregory P., Hampton, 757?827?2202
Ramirez, Ray T., Suffolk, 757?483?3030
Rudolph, William G., Virginia Beach, 757?395?6070
Sayles, John M., Norfolk, 757?261?5000

Surgical, Cosmetic/Reconstructive

Alspaugh, John S., Virginia Beach, 757?491?3535
Blanchard, T. Randall, Newport News, 757?873?3500
Colen, Lawrence B., Norfolk, 757?466?1000
Grenga, Tad E., Chesapeake, 757?673?5900
Hubbard, Thomas J., Virginia Beach, 757?687?1900
Jacobs, Jonathan S., Virginia Beach, 757?491?3535 ?
McArthur, Alexander, Newport News, 757?320?1069
Uroskie, Theodore W., Norfolk, 757?466?1000
Weiss, Denton D., Virginia Beach, 757?490?7545

Surgery, General

Boustany, Marc K., Norfolk, 757?261?5175
Britt, L.D.,
Norfolk, 757?446?8964
Cruff, Dennis M.,
Hampton, 757?827?2202
Farpour, Alireza,
Chesapeake, 757?548?1038
Gould, Randolph J.,
Norfolk, 757?261?5000
Hoefer, Richard A.,
Newport News, 757?594?1806
Kim, Gregory Y.,
Hampton, 757?827?2202
Moore, Glen L.,
Suffolk, 757?483?3030
Overmeyer, Robert,
Mechanicsville, 804?723?3304 ?
Wohlgemuth, Stephen D.,
Norfolk, 757?388?6120

Surgery, Neurological

McAllister, William H., Newport News, 757?534?5200
Waters, David C., Norfolk, 757?625?4455

Surgery, Orthopaedic

Aulicino, Pat L., Chesapeake, 757?547?9721 ?
Bevilacqua, Anthony M.,
Suffolk, 757?547?5145
Campolattaro, Robert M.,
Hampton, 757?827?2480
Carter, Anthony T.,
Newport News, 757?873?1554
Coleman, Martin R.,
Newport News, 757?596?1900
Davlin, Lance,
Virginia Beach, 757?554?0500
Dowd, James E.,
Virginia Beach, 757?490?4802
Fithian, Thomas E.,
Newport News, 757?873?1554
Haynes, III, Boyd W., Newport News, 757?596?1900
Jacobson, Peter C., Virginia Beach, 757?422?8476
Siegel, Jack L., Virginia Beach, 757?490?4802

Surgery, Pediatric

Frantz, Frazier W., Norfolk, 757?668?7703 ?
Kelly, Robert, Norfolk, 757?668?7703 ?
Kuhn, Ann, Norfolk, 757?668?7703 ?
Nuss, Donald, Norfolk, 757?668?7703 ?

Surgery, Thoracic

Dunton, Robert F., Portsmouth, 757?398?2222
Evans, Jr., Paul L., Newport News, 757?534?5511
Newton, Jr., Joseph R., Norfolk, 757?388?6005 ?
Tan, Bethany B., Norfolk, 757?261?5000

Surgery, Vascular

DeMasi, Richard J., Virginia Beach, 757?470?5570
Deshmukh, Deepak N., Hampton, 757?262?1110
Gayle, Robert G., Virginia Beach, 757?470?5570
Parent, F. Noel, Virginia Beach, 757?470?5570
Shah, Rasesh M., Chesapeake, 757?436?1005
Stokes, Gordon K., Norfolk, 757?622?2649


Darby, Eric C., Newport News, 757?873?2562
Drucker, Jacob R., Virginia Beach, 757?983?1207
Eure, Gregg R., Virginia Beach, 757?481?3556
Fabrizio, Michael D., Norfolk, 757?457?5174
Jordan, Gerald H., Norfolk, 757?457?5110

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