The Year That Was

Inside my digital diaries - and my craziness

Once upon a time, I kept a diary. One of my earliest entries was from 1974, in which I noted the total number of jelly beans in the special Easter jar at my elementary school. Each year we held a competition and whoever guessed the correct number of jelly beans won them all. I figured if I recorded the amount, I would simply look it up next Easter and be a shoo-in for that sweet sugar. It didn’t occur to me that the actual jar also went to the winner each year—and a new, maybe different-sized jar would replace it the following Easter. Sadly, no jelly beans for me.

Yet, reading this entry years later, I did receive a reward of sorts; I got a glimpse of who I was in second grade—a plotter, who wasn’t as smart as she thought. My official diary days are behind me, but I now have a few unofficial ones of sorts that I can consult to see who I am as an adult. They are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. My digital “diaries” from 2012 tell me this:


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