Aye Carumba!

Swan Terrace's tex-mex inspired, Virginia-centric creation was named Dish of Hampton Roads

Swan Terrace Executive Chef Scott Simpson wowed critics with his Hampton Roads Surf & Turf: Pulled Pork Jowciale VAmale & Tidewater Tostada, winning the Dish of Hampton Roads at the 2012 March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction. VAmale is a play on the postal abbreviation for Virginia, and the word “tamale.”

Participating restaurants were assigned a “port of call” to go along with an international theme at the fundraiser; Swan Terrace, located inside The Founders Inn & Spa in Virginia Beach, was assigned Mexico. Criteria for winning the top award was to craft “a dish that captures the unique regional flavor of Hampton Roads through ingredients, preparation and/or imagination.” Simpson succeeded. Noting the importance of using local ingredients, the chef says the tamale starts with pork from S. Wallace Edwards & Sons in Surry.

“The Jowcaile is mixed with Virginia-style pulled pork and made into tamales with organic Wade Mill Farms corn grit masa dough, then steamed in traditional cast iron pots,” says Simpson.

Jowciale is a play on the Italian word guancial for a smoked bacon made from the meat of hog jowls and comes from Surry Farms’ pasture-raised, antibiotic-free Berkshire Breed hogs.

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