Success in Style

Former local, Kijafa Frink, is making a stylish statement in the fashion world with her new line of jewelry at

Keith Cephus

Amidst the sounds of clinking jewelry and the swift shutters of a camera chomping away at moments in time, I try to imagine what Hampton Roads was like about ten years ago, with Kijafa Frink shuffling through the halls of Hampton University, imbued with the scholarly spirit of ambition. And then my mind snaps to, returning to the scene before me: golden rings and necklaces layering her fingers and neck with the camera snapping shots of their unique designs and trendy glam.

The former Hampton Roads local has certainly come a long way and is doing quite well for herself. Frink has taken a dream and turned it into reality in the form of rings and bracelets.

In 2008, Frink’s efforts soon gave birth to an elephant-sized endeavor, appropriately named Along with her business partner, Blair Sandlain, Frink revealed to the public her new line of trendy jewelry that won’t break the bank. The two have been slowly establishing themselves in the world of fashion and holding high the banner declaring that affordable fashion should be for all.

“I was always thinking that, hey, if I could only come up with some really cute pieces that are affordable,” Frink said. This thought had been dancing through Frink’s mind for a while. “Then one day I just met Blair. She had an accessory line and she was up and running, and she blessed me by letting me become a partner.”

Two years later, this past November, in the Norfolk studio of locally established photographer Keith Cephus, the prize of all Frink’s efforts sit in front of the camera ready to be captured for the public eye on

The site presents a slew of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces: gold, bold, shimmering jewelry, the envy of every girl in pursuit of modern style. “This is what I want: I want everybody to be able to wear our stuff. I want it to be affordable,” said Frink.

Even as their business has taken flight, Frink and Sandlain still like to remain involved. “We pick out all the pieces ourselves… and we keep everything fashion forward,” Sandlain said. “We’re involved. We answer all our Twitters, we answer all our Facebook posts, so talk to us!”

Currently an online endeavor, may be appearing in stores soon enough. But for Frink, the present is treating her just fine. Currently engaged to NFL quarterback and former Hampton Roads local Michael Vick, Frink has plenty to be encouraged about. With her new line gaining more and more recognition, and a wedding in the near future, life seems to be pretty good.

The soon-to-be wife of Vick is finding plenty of support from her friends and family in her hometown of Philadelphia as well as the Hampton Roads area. Even her fiancé has been supportive and encouraging of Frink’s business endeavors.

So as Vick is breaking records on the field, Frink has found her niche in the fashion field with her penchant for trendy jewelry. She is even experimenting with her more creative side and will soon release her own exclusive line. is full of fun, fashionable jewelry pieces that aren’t easy to miss. “You can’t miss an elephant,” Sandlain stated, “especially a pink one.”

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