Jordan Young Institute & Research Foundation

Jordan Young Institute & Research Foundation


At The Jordan-Young Institute, the orthopedic surgeons carefully consider the best practices that worked in the past,
research the leading edge techniques of the future, and combine those to create the best plan for your orthopedic
surgery today.

“In our research division, we keep a data base of all our patients since 1986,” says Dr. James E. Dowd, who specializes
in hip and knee replacements. “Today we can figure out what worked in 1986 and use that information to improve what
will work in 2026.”

The surgeons at The Jordan-Young Institute, located in Virginia Beach, are
trained and skilled in the latest procedures including minimally invasive
techniques such as arthroscopic surgery and anterior hip replacements.
“We pride ourselves in performing less invasive surgery,” Dowd says. “But
we’re even more about getting it done right. If you do that, people will get
better. Done correctly, hip and knee replacements are incredibly successful
surgeries that change people’s lives and last decades.”

If you need a joint replacement, you can feel confident knowing that your
surgeon at Jordan-Young performs hundreds of these operations per year.
You can also feel reassured knowing that the surgeons at Jordan-Young are
leaders in their field, teaching other physicians the latest successful techniques. “

At any given time, our research division is involved in 7-10 research studies,”
Dowd says.

Surgeons at Jordan-Young, founded in 1986 when two existing practices combined, perform about 1,500 joint replacements
per year. And they are rightfully proud to note that they are affiliated with Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk, ranked 38th in
orthopedics in U.S. News & World Report’s 2009 edition of America’s Best Hospitals. “Members of the practice have helped
develop new procedures and present new information at conferences around the country,” says Dr. Kevin Bonner, who specializes
in shoulder and knee surgery and sports medicine.

Other surgeons are:

  • Dr. Jack L. Siegel, who specializes in hip, knee and shoulder replacement, arthroscopic surgery and
    other less invasive techniques.
  • Dr. Nicholas A. Midis, who specializes in foot and ankle surgery; total ankle replacement, and
    general orthopedics;

  • Dr. Louis C. Jordan, who specializes in hip and knee replacements including less invasive
    techniques; revision surgery of hip and knee; general orthopedics;

  • Dr. Samuel P. Robinson, who specializes in shoulder and knee surgeries and sports medicine.
Physicians at the Jordan Young Institute have helped pioneer different cartilage restoration procedures some of which are available
now, and other will likely be available in coming years.

Siegel is a leader locally and regionally in shoulder replacement, including reverse shoulder replacement, where the prosthetic
shoulder is designed to compensate for a patient’s deficient rotator cuff. “A deficient rotator
cuff may become irreparable,” Siegel says “This surgery offers improvement for older people
who have both arthritis and extreme cuff tears.”

At Jordan Young Institute, most shoulder surgeries, other than shoulder replacements, can
now be done arthroscopically. “We specialize in arthroscopic shoulder repair at Jordan Young
Institute.” Bonner says “In most cases even large rotator cuff tears can be repaired through the
scope.” Surgeons at Jordan-Young also perform partial knee replacements, when possible, leading to a
faster recovery and a knee that feels more normal because two original ligaments remain.

Advances in hip replacement surgery have almost eliminated dislocated hips as an issue in patients after
surgery. Since the new hips and knees now last longer, that means surgery is more often possible for
younger patients with joint problems.

“Done correctly, hip and knee replacements are incredibly successful surgeries that change people’s lives and last decades.”

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