How To: Add Interest to Your Home

Decorating today is so much more about personality and not about perfection. Thank goodness. We can all stop trying to attain the impossible. And now we can all have fun.

The most stylish homes are ones that are comfortable and inviting. They are occupied with the spirit of their owners. Decorating is about life—past, present and future.

WOOD BASKET. These have a homey feeling to them. Even if you have no use for wooden logs in your home, a wood basket serves as amazing storage that is okay to show. In a sitting room, place magazines. In a bathroom, place towels. In a living room, place toys.

STOP THE BROWN FURNITURE. Rooms that truly stand out have a mix of materials. Limit yourself on the amount of brown furniture. Play with different furniture finishes to add interest to a room. Stop with the bedroom sets!

ETHNIC TOUCHES. Whether it is a hand-crafted blanket, basket or fabric you’ve turned into a pillow case, these touches are an easy way to add interest and begin a conversation when company’s over.

SOMETHING SHINEY. It’s a great way to bounce some light through a room. Because the eye is drawn to it, it gives the room some sharpness. Something like a picture frame or a simple decorative object that sits somewhere are great places to begin.

JOLLIFIERS. These are simple things that bring joy to your life. It may be a collage of your child’s drawings that you might have individually matted and framed. They will come to you. You’ll know it’s the jollifier for you when you feel your spirit lift the moment you set your eyes on it.

MOLLIFIERS. These are things that you absolutely detest but have found a creative way to incorporate them into your décor. These objects are important because though they aren’t important to you, they’re special to the one you love.

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