3 Ways to Avoid Common Pinterest Pitfalls

Avoid Pinterest Stress

I just want to preface this post by saying I LOVE Pinterest. There’s nothing more relaxing and fun than lying on the couch with a glass of wine and my iPad browsing through images of people’s awesome DIY home décor projects, wedding reception ideas and healthy dessert recipes.

But after hundreds of pins and boards titled “Things I’m SO going to do this summer” and “My future body,” where have we gotten ourselves? How many of those do-it-yourself nail design ideas are you actually going to have time for? And how many of those exquisite recipes have you actually bought the ingredients for?

There’s nothing wrong with using your Pinterest boards as idea springboards, especially when it comes to health and fitness. But there is a point where our expectations and abilities begin to become highly incongruous, and the pins that seemed so exciting when we first saw them suddenly become unrealistic and burdensome. How can I possibly train for a 10k, do this 30-day ab challenge, make this 11-layer gluten-free cake AND make my own homemade pecan pumpkin butter? I have a job and a life!

Am I a failure if I can’t fulfill my Pinterest goals?

The answer is an obvious no. But the more we pin, the more we look at these goals as our own and the more we feel obligated to get on the ball. While this can be a good thing in that it inspires us to do more, excessively pinning weighty DIY food and fitness goals also has the potential to overwhelm us and make us feel like there’s no way we can accomplish it all—so maybe we just shouldn’t try at all.

So what should you do, delete your Pinterest account? Not necessarily. Pinterest is still a great tool for acquiring new ideas and sharing your tips and tricks with other people who might greatly benefit from them. The key, though, is not to get bogged down by all the awesome ideas and allow yourself to suffer Pinterest overload. So here are 3 important tips for smart and happy pinning:

1.      Create boards that are inspiring for you but also positive and realistic. Creating boards like “Food I’ll never actually have time to make” and “The body I wish I had” aren’t productive. You’re just creating an online wasteland of wishful thinking that will only serve to discourage you from making progress. Instead, create boards like “Simple healthy recipes under 30 minutes” and “Everyday activities to stay fit.” When you look at these boards, you’ll be reminded that your goals are attainable, and you’ll be more likely to give them a go.

2.      Pin challenging goals, but set some limits for yourself. It’s all too easy to get caught up in pin after pin of #fitspiration and “easy workout” infographics. Check them out if you want, but limit pins to your personal goal boards only to things you can actually see yourself doing and that you would enjoy. Eliminate anything that you automatically know will get put on the back burner. And don’t go pin-happy. As fun as it is to go through hundreds of fitness ideas, take it easy when it comes to choosing the ones you pin to your own boards. You want to go through your board and be inspired, not overwhelmed.

3.      Post your victories as well as your goals. How do you think all those pins got there in the first place? Somebody had to do those things first! Don’t just pin things you want to do; pin your successes at well. Not only will you feel good about displaying your accomplishments, but you might even inspire others to take after you.

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