Find your Fitness Fit, Part 2

In Part 2 of the Find Your Fitness Fit series, we explore several unique fitness ideas for you to experience in Coastal Virginia. We understand that one person’s idea of a great workout is another person’s worst nightmare. Getting adequate exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so it’s important for everyone, no matter what shape you may be in or your personal preferences, to find a way to be active.

For the thrill-seeker

rock climbing virginia beach norfolk

Rock climbing: Develop strength and mobility, while also honing your coordination and problem-solving skills

In Coastal Virginia:

Virginia Beach Rock Gym, Virginia Beach

Kroc Center, Norfolk


Aerial Fitness: Develop flexibility, strength and coordination through adventurous classes like aerial yoga and Cirque Fit

In Coastal Virginia:

Arotique Aerial Fitness & Performing Arts, Virginia Beach

Sky Pilates, Suffolk

Transcendence Aerial Dance, Hampton

Read a first-hand aerial fitness experience here


Pole Dance Fitness: Burn fat, tone up and gain confidence in your skin (women’s only)

In Coastal Virginia:

Respectapole Dance Fitness, Hampton

Twisted Fitness, Virginia Beach

Read more about pole dance fitness here.


For the outdoor adventurer

Hiking: Overall body workout, proven to boost your mood and relieve stress

Find a Coastal Virginia hiking trail here.

paddleboard yoga virginia beach

Paddleboarding: Improve balance and coordination while enjoying nature—for an extra challenge, try a paddleboard yoga class

In Coastal Virginia:

Atlantic Paddle Source, Virginia Beach

Tula Adventure Sports, Virginia Beach

Rudee Inlet Stand Up Paddle, Virginia Beach


Cycling: High cardio workout that focuses on strength and endurance

If you’d rather ride with a group than on your own, check out a Meetup Group like Hampton Roads Outdoor Adventures or Hampton Roads Cycling.


For the kids

Gymnastics: develops kids’ strength, flexibility, balance and coordination

In Coastal Virginia:

The Little Gym, multiple locations

Tidewater Gymnastics Academy, Norfolk

World Class Gymnastics, Newport News


Martial Arts: emphasizes discipline and respect while teaching self-defense, strength, coordination and endurance

In Coastal Virginia:

Hybrid Training Center, Virginia Beach

King Tiger Martial Arts, Chesapeake

Changing Lives Martial Arts, multiple locations


Swimming: boosts kids’ confidence in the water for safety reasons while developing strength and endurance

In Coastal Virginia:

YMCA, multiple locations

Simon Family Jewish Community Center, Virginia Beach

Dive Quarters, Virginia Beach


See more Fitness Fits in our previous post.

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