Find your Fitness Fit: Part 1


Not all exercise programs are created equal. That’s actually the beauty of fitness. There’s something for everyone out there. Excuses like  “exercise is boring” or “I’m just not a fan of working out” border on absurdity these days, with exercise options that range dramatically in intensity, variation and focus.

In this series, we’ll provide several fitness options that are available to try in Coastal Virginia, based on various fitness preferences you might have.


For the focused, steady exerciser

Yoga: concentrated, focused practice of poses and postures, with a heavy concentration on breathing, with the purpose of uniting body, mind and spirit

In Coastal Virginia:

The Space Above Yoga Center, Norfolk

Chesapeake Hot Yoga, Chesapeake

Atma Bodha Yoga, Virginia Beach


Pilates: emphasizes a balanced development of the body mainly through increasing core strength and flexibility

In Coastal Virginia:

Performance Pilates, Virginia Beach

Body & Soul Pilates, Norfolk

SKY Pilates Fitness, Suffolk


Barre: full body workout incorporating elements of ballet and Pilates that focuses on isometric movements to sculpt muscles

Pure Barre locations in Virginia Beach & Norfolk


For the high-level cardio lover

Spin: indoor cycling class focused on endurance and strength, performed at intensity intervals

In Coastal Virginia:

Taking Shape Fitness, Virginia Beach

Sentara Center for Health & Fitness, Hampton  

Kroc Center, Norfolk


Zumba: high energy dance fitness workout featuring movements from various Latin dances

In Coastal Virginia:

Fitness In Rhythm, Virginia Beach

YMCA (Several Coastal Virginia locations)

Mambo Room, Norfolk


Boot Camp: widely fluctuating high energy strength training and aerobic exercise performed at varying intervals of intensity

In Coastal Virginia:

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition, Virginia Beach

TNT Bootcamp, Hampton


For the functional-minded

Crossfit: constantly varied, high intensity, functional strength and conditioning

In Coastal Virginia:
There are simply too many of these in the area to list. Use this map to find your local affiliate


Kickboxing: conditioning workout combining elements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics   

In Coastal Virginia:

9Rounds Fitness & Kickboxing, Chesapeake

Hybrid Training Center, Virginia Beach

OutFox Mixed Martial Arts Academy, Virginia Beach


TRX: suspension training bodyweight exercise developed by Navy SEALs

In Coastal Virginia

Fitness First Health & Wellness, Norfolk

Human Performance Initiative, Virginia Beach

Flat-Out Fit, Newport News

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