4 Ways to Kick Your Summer Slump

Healthy Detoxing After Summer Indulging

Many of us put a lot of work into getting into shape for summer, only to have our healthy efforts thwarted by all the temptations the season has to offer. Between the backyard barbecues, vacation splurges and those irresistible ice-blended Frappuccinos (Quit it with the treat receipt already, Starbucks—nobody needs twosugary, caffeinated beverages in one day!) it’s nearly impossible to keep a totally clean diet. In fact, it’s very easy to get completely derailed from your healthy routine.

But don’t worry; all hope is not lost just because you decided to eat really badly for a week… or two, or three. You can still get back on track, cleanse your body of the garbage you’ve treated it to, and look and feel better than ever. Here’s how!

1. Start, but start slowly.If you’ve spent the summer stuffing yourself with fried ice cream and all-you-can-eat resort buffet dinners, you don’t want to shock your body by switching to nothing but salads and plain boiled chicken. You need your body to remember how great if feels to eat clean and be healthy. Cut the bad stuff out slowly rather than all at once. And like always, remember that you don’t need to go cold turkey on everything that’s not 100 percent clean. Just treat those items as occasional treats and cheats, not pantry staples.

2. Properly detox. The first thing you should do to detox is drink lots of water. It’s the best way to hydrate and a natural way to flush your system of all the junk you’ve put into it. Try to get lots of raw vegetables into your diet, as they provide you with the most natural source of vitamins and antioxidants to help your body recover. Also try some detoxifying teas like green tea or dandelion tea.

3. Hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to slide away from your healthy habits after a summer of less-than-nutritious behaviors. Avoid that pitfall by keeping yourself accountable. Download a fitness app that will help you stay on track or have a friend keep tabs on you.

4. Sweat it out. Getting back into a good routine of working out will also help you kick your summer slump. You might also want to try a hot yoga class specifically for detoxing. The heat of the room combined with the yoga poses, which are designed to help detoxify your muscles and organs, provide a great environment for flushing out your system.

Although the steps are pretty simple, it’s probably going to take a while for your body to bounce back and for you to mentally adjust to the changes you’re making. Give yourself some time and remember to do it all in moderation. Happy detoxing!

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