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Sep 28, 201201:06 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 28, 2012

Sand Sculpting at the Neptune Festival

This weekend, the 39th Annual Neptune Festival returns to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. The North American Sandscultping Championship will be a highlight of the festivities until October 7th. Offering 32 sculptors from 10 different countries, the Championship has an admission fee of $3 and children can enter for free. The Neptune Festival will also have live music, fireworks, and an 8K and 5K run. (Source)

Use of Race in University Admissions

University of Texas is currently facing backlash from Abigail Fisher, a white woman that claims she was denied admission to the college in 2008 because of her skin color. Fisher claims that University of Texas unfairly favors African Americans and Hispanics over Whites and Asian Americans, since race is a prevalent factor in the admissions process. Arguments in the Supreme Court case could result in a barring of race consideration in college admissions. Arguments in the case are scheduled for next month. (Source)

Apple CEO Apologizes for Maps Application

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, released an apology for the complaints that Apple is facing regarding their new Maps Application. With the iOS 6 update, Google Maps was replaced by a map application engineered by Apple. Apple has stressed that patience is key, stating that the more Maps is used, the better it will run. Cook also said that Apple engineers are working non-stop to ensure that the application reaches the extremely high standard that has come to be expected of Apple products. (Source)

Italian Prime Minister Would Consider Another Term

In an unexpected turn of events, Mario Monti, Prime Minister of Italy, declared that he would consider another term in office if elections next spring do not produce a strong majority for any political party. This is the first time that Mr. Monti has publicly announced the possibility of remaining prime minister after his term. Mr. Monti’s governmental role was originally to step in after the Berlusconi government fell and stabilize the government for another election, announce the winner, and step back. (Source)

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