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Sep 26, 201209:30 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 26, 2012

American Soldiers Train Afghan Allies with Caution

With the American Troop Surge in Afghanistan coming to a close, it’s now extremely important that American soldiers adequately train their Afghan allies to fight and defend themselves. However, this poses a danger to U.S. soldiers, as the Afghans have proven themselves to be violent and hostile toward Americans. This hostility has intensified since a film and cartoons surfaced that mocked Prophet Muhammad. Afghan soldiers have raised many complaints against their American teachers, claiming they treat the Afghans like children and bully them. Despite this tension, the Afghans are not prepared to fight on their own and need American help in order to strengthen their forces. (Source)

Norfolk School Accreditation Worsens 

Norfolk’s accreditation slump has worsened this year, along with several other divisions in the Hampton Roads region. Norfolk saw fourteen schools miss state targets, while four Portsmouth schools, two Suffolk schools, and two Virginia Beach schools missed full accreditation. Chesapeake was the only city that kept its 2011 performance consistent and gained full accreditation. Accreditation ratings reflect student scores on SOL testing. Schools that miss full accreditation are required by the state to create a plan for score improvement. (Source)

Andy Williams Dies at 84 of Bladder Cancer 

Singer Andy Williams, renowned for several classics such as “Moon River”, died Tuesday night after a difficult yearlong battle with bladder cancer. Williams became a household name in America after starring in “The Andy Williams Show” from 1962-1971. The last years of his life were spent performing in Branson at his own Moon River Theatre. According to Neil Portnow,  “The entertainment industry has lost a giant piece of its living history today, but Williams' legacy will forever be enshrined in the annals of music and television.” (Source)

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