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Sep 25, 201204:36 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 25, 2012

FBI agent accused of ties with Philippine prostitution

Undercover FBI agent Sergio Santiago Syjuco and two Philippine nationals were charged with conspiracy for utilizing U.S. taxpayer dollars on Philippine prostitutes while on a weapons probe last year. Nearly $15,000 were linked to the "entertainment" spent at brothels, "Air Force One" and "Area 51" as well as other investigation-related expenses. Earlier this year authorities sought out Area 51, rescued 60 sex-trafficked victims and arrested at least seven. (Source)

Amtrak breaking the speed limit

Test runs for the Amtrak began on Monday evening. The current speed limit is 150 mph, but Amtrak is hoping to extend the limit to 160. Testing will be conducted in 135 and 150 mph limited areas located in the Northeast Corridor, which includes Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The next week's operations are part of a $450 million project to improve New Jersey's rail program. (Source)

Obama's new strides in ending "modern slavery"

Obama addressed human trafficking in the annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York. He discussed the fact that human tracking still occurs in the U.S. despite the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, which globally initiated the end to slavery. Today Obama signed an executive order today to further fight human trafficking-related acts such as "misleading recruitment practices, charging employment recruitment feeds or confiscating employees' identification documents." Obama expressed, "We cannot ask other nations to do what we are not doing ourselves." (Source)

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