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Sep 21, 201202:56 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 21, 2012

33,000 Surge Troops Withdrawn from Afghanistan

In December 2009, President Barack Obama ordered an increase of American surge troops into Afghanistan. Almost three years later, the troop surge is finally over. Leon Panetta, the American Secretary of Defense, stated that the surge completed its goals of reversing Taliban momentum on the battlefield and strengthening the Afghan National Security Forces. The troop withdrawal has been a gradual effort over the past five to six months. 68,000 American troops remain in Afghanistan. (Source)

Protests Turn Violent in Pakistan

In response to an anti-Islam film that was directed and produced in America, the Pakistani government declared Friday "Love for the Prophet Day" and encouraged peaceful protests against the insulting film. Protests in Pakistan, however, have turned deadly, with three people killed and dozens injured. The total number of protest  deaths now equals 33 in the past week, including the U.S Ambassador to Libya. (Source)

"Moon Shots Program" Aims to Reduce Cancer Deaths

Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center has announced its "Moon Shots Program", an initiative aimed at drastically reducing the number of cancer deaths by the end of the decade. The program is inspired by President Kennedy's goal to walk on the moon by the end of the 1960s and will target lung cancer, melanoma, triple negative breast cancer and ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia. The Cancer Center has invested $3 billion in the program, which will launch February 2013. (Source)

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