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Sep 20, 201205:27 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 20, 2012

Judge votes for anti-Muslim film clip, Innocence of Muslims, to stay on YouTube

Cindy Lee Garcia appeared in the film clip that sparked violence in the Middle East and deaths in seven countries. Garcia claimed she was lied to upon agreement to the film and said the script she read did not contain Muslim or Prophet Muhammad references. She is unable to produce the film agreement with Nakoula Basseley Nkoula, who is responsible for the trailer and has kept a low profile since the outrage. Despite requests from Garcia and the White House, YouTube, owned by Google, refused to remove the film. Cindy Cohen, legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said, "The law protects Google here because they aren't the producers of the film. You don't want a situation where the host is responsible for the content. Then nobody would ever be a host." If the video is removed from YouTube after Garcia presents further evidence, the effect she is hoping to achieve will be minimal because it is hosted on various websites. (Source)

Amish found guilty of hate crimes

Religious differences in an Amish community in Ohio prompted aggressive beard and hair cutting of its members. Samuel Mullet led the group of 15 in the hate crimes who believed the cutting had spiritual significance. They were charged and will serve 10 or more years in jail. Though Mullet did not singlehandedly engage in the attacks, he encouraged the six women and 10 men. In one incident, an Amish bishop was dragged out of his farmhouse to have his chest-long beard cut to his chin. Amish communities typically decide on punishment internally and rarely report crime to authorities. (Source)

Terrorist attack in Benghazi

In response to the anti-Muslim film that shook the world, the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which killed four Americans, is now classified as an act of terrorism. Matthew Olson, director of the U.S. National Counterterroism Center deemed the attacks as terrorism. The FBI is continuing to investigate the assault further. (Source)

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