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Sep 13, 201205:06 PM

Cheat Sheet: September 13, 2012

"Innocence of Muslims" promoted by man in Virginia

The anti-Muslim film, "Innocence of Muslims" that ignited the riots in Libya, Egypt and Yemen and death of U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was promoted by Coptic Christian leader Morris Sadek who resides in northern Virginia. The video, which was produced in the U.S., perceives the Prophet Muhammad as a "pedophile" and a "deceiver". Coptic Christians are outraged by the video and fear it could worsen Muslim sentiment toward Coptics in Egypt. Sadek had established a hate for Islam. Though rejected, Sadek frequently sent out e-mails attacking Islam to Coptic groups in the Washington area. "He just wants to keep insulting Islam. He does not represent Copts, and we have excluded him from all our activities," said Magdi Khalil, an activist of Coptic Solidarity based in Virginia. (Source)

NYC health board downsizes sugary drinks

NYC's Board of Health is taking a stand on the obesity epidemic and has placed a 16-ounce limit on non-diet beverages in most places with prepared food including fast food eateries, movie theaters and workplace cafeterias. Violating the new rule would result in a $200 fine. The City has also prohibited artificial trans fats from restaurants and will be promoting breastfeeding instead of formula for mothers of newborns. However, New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is not impressed and has collected 250,000 signatures to overrule the plan. (Source)

Stem cell research could cure deaf, or hard of hearing, individuals

UK researchers confirmed that deaf gerbils' hearing improved from stem cell research. Stem cells were taken from a human embryo, added to chemicals to be converted into cells similar to spiral ganglion neurons and were then injected into 18 deaf gerbils. A third of the gerbils' hearing was restored up to 90%, which was measured by their brainwaves. Could this lead to improved hearing in deaf humans? Researchers say there is still much to be done. (Source)

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