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Oct 21, 201310:39 AM

Cheat Sheet: October 19-20: Weekend Roundup

Richmond Times-Dispatch’s choice for governor: None of the above

On Sunday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch made it clear that they didn’t support any of the candidates running for Virginia governor, stating: “The major-party candidates have earned the citizenry’s derision. The third-party alternative has run a more exemplary race yet does not qualify as a suitable option. We cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate for governor.” During recent months, numerous editorials in the paper have lamented the gubernatorial campaign, and they said their words should not come as a surprise. (Source)

Possible charges for Boy Scouts leaders who toppled rock formation

A group of Boy Scouts leaders may face criminal charges after purposely knocking over an ancient 170 million-year-old Utah desert rock formation and posting a video of the incident online. The men were leading a group of 14–16-year-old Scouts on a trip to Goblin Valley State Park when they said they noticed the top of the formation was loose and feared it was dangerous. “This is about saving lives—one rock at a time,” said Dave Hall, who shot the video. In a video posted on Facebook, Glenn Taylor of Highland, Utah, can be seen last Friday wedging himself between one formation and a boulder to knock a large rock off the formation’s top. Taylor and his two companions can then be seen cheering, high-fiving and dancing. “This is not behavior that is appreciated or should exist in state parks,” says Utah State Parks spokesman Eugene Swalberg. “This has been formed for literally millions of years, and it’s supposed to last for a long time. It doesn’t need individuals doing the work of Mother Nature.” (Source)

Man found dead inside Newport News residence

Police are investigating a homicide that took place Sunday morning in the 1100 block of 31st Street in Newport News. Officers were responding to a call of gunshots heard in the area when they were flagged down by a female who pointed out a residence and told officers that there had been a shooting inside. It is undetermined whether the woman witnessed the shooting. Upon entering the residence, officers found 31-year-old Terry Emanuel Swilling lying on the floor near the front door. He was pronounced dead at the scene just before 4 a.m. Detectives do not have a motive or suspect information at this time. (Source)

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