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Nov 8, 201304:58 PM

Cheat Sheet: November 8, 2013

Man Goes Postal for the Holidays

Adrian Baker, a 53-year-old Portsmouth postman, was sentenced and fined today on a guilty charge of obstruction of correspondence and theft. Baker was employed by the Postal Service for 14 years and honorably discharged from the Navy in 1998 prior. Now, Baker faces seven hours in jail along with restitution costs of $1,490 and community service amounting in 50 hours. (Source)

Ripple Effects Caused by Congress’ Food Stamp Fund Cuts

Although it may have already been gradually occurring, consumers are faced with the task to penny pinch for survival due to the governmental decision to decrease funds for food stamps, most recently effective earlier this month. Supplemental assistance is a survival tactic for many people. While the fund decrease per person is not substantial it is definitely noticeable monthly. Budgeting and insight into declines in revenue is occurring for both consumers and business owners. Funds have decreased while some product prices are increasing and people cannot afford them. Some businesses have already shown a decrease in sales as much 10%. $5 billion is what the government will be saving from these reductions. (Source)

Polio outbreak threatens Europe

Polio may return to Europe as regional conflicts undermine a $10 billion eradication campaign. Polio’s re-appearance in Syria last month after a 14-year absence raises the risk that the virus will hitch a ride on unsuspecting refugees fleeing the country and return to areas that have been polio-free for decades. (Source)

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