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November-December 2013


Cheat Sheet: November 23-24--Weekend Roundup

Israel calls Iran nuclear deal a “historic mistake” The Israeli government called the deal reached with Iran over its nuclear program a “historic mistake,” saying it only showed a nuclear program that’s still capable of producing a bomb. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the agreement endangered Israel, adding the nation is not bound by the international community’s nuclear deal and reserves the right to defend itself. Netanyahu continued by saying, “Today the world became a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world made a significant step in obtaining the most dangerous weapons in the world.” (Source) Catching Fire scores $307.7 million globally on opening weekend The Hunger Games’...

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Cheat Sheet: November 18, 2013

George Zimmerman arrested George Zimmerman has been arrested following a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend. Authorities haven’t said exactly what happened, but the disturbance was at a residence on Topfield Court in Apopka (Seminole County). Zimmerman will be booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. (Source) Woman gets 47 years for murders at Virginia Beach Rally’s Cheari Edwards was sentenced this morning to 47 years in prison for her role in the robbery and fatal shooting of 27-year-old Alphonso White and his brother, 19-year-old Michael Johnson, during a Jan. 8 robbery at the Rally’s on Lynnhaven Parkway. Edwards pleaded guilty in July to two counts of first-degree murder, three counts of using a firearm and one count each...

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Cheat Sheet: November 16-17: Weekend Roundup

Tornadoes strike Illinois Rare and violent tornadoes ripped across Illinois on Sunday, toppling trees and power lines and swamping city streets. Earlier, severe weather decimated farms in southern Illinois, killing at least five people. Farther north, a tornado flattened large swaths of Washington, killing at least one person and sending about 50 others to local hospitals. (Source) Top Syrian rebel commander dies Syrian rebel commander Abdul Qadir al-Saleh died on Sunday of wounds he sustained in an air strike on a rebel-held air base on Thursday. He was the leader of Liwa al-Wawhid, one of the main rebel forces in Aleppo, estimated to have between 8,000 and 10,000 fighters. (Source) Mining accident kills two in Colorado Two workers were killed and 20 others were...

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Cheat Sheet: November 15, 2013

Philippines death toll hits 3,631 More than a week after Typhoon Haiyan hit the central Philippines, some victims are living off the land. In a total absence of food and water, some victims were surviving on coconut juice. The assessment came as crews continued to collect bodies from streets and rubble, raising the national disaster agency’s official death toll to 3,631. The number of injured stood at 12,487; at least 1,179 were missing. Numbers could rise, with an additional 1,000 cadaver bags sent to provinces as search-and-rescue operations continued in Tacloban City. (Source) “Batkid” saves San Francisco Miles, a shy kindergartner who is in remission from leukemia, got the chance to dress up as “Batkid” today as San Francisco morphed into...

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Cheat Sheet: November 14, 2013

Whitey Bulger gets two life terms plus five years Notorious mob boss James ‘Whitey’ Bulger was sentenced today to two consecutive life sentences plus five years for his conviction in a string of murders, as well as racketeering, extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice and narcotics distribution, during his reign of terror in the 1970s and ‘80s in Boston. The judge also ordered $19.5 million restitution for Bulger’s victims. Bulger, who refused to look at the victims during a sentencing hearing Wednesday, stared at the judge as she blasted his brutal life of crime, including killings at close range. (Source) Wisconsin shooting suspect arrested The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was on lockdown today after wanted felon Ashanti...

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Cheat Sheet: November 13, 2013

Suspicious person investigated at LAFB Investigators are looking into a suspicious person incident at Langley Air Force Base’s west gate this afternoon. Around 2:30 p.m. LAFB security notified the Hampton Police Division about a suspicious, possibly armed person outside the gate. Officers arrived and took the man into custody. Although a weapon was never displayed, the man had approached the entrance of the gate on foot, which made him “suspicious in nature.” Commands were made for the man to stop, but he did not. LAFB closed the west gate temporarily, but it has been reopened. (Source) Total enrollment in Obamacare: 106,185 Falling far short of expectations, only 106,185 people chose a health insurance plan using the federal and state-run websites in...

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Cheat Sheet: November 8, 2013

Man Goes Postal for the Holidays Adrian Baker, a 53-year-old Portsmouth postman, was sentenced and fined today on a guilty charge of obstruction of correspondence and theft. Baker was employed by the Postal Service for 14 years and honorably discharged from the Navy in 1998 prior. Now, Baker faces seven hours in jail along with restitution costs of $1,490 and community service amounting in 50 hours. (Source) Ripple Effects Caused by Congress’ Food Stamp Fund Cuts Although it may have already been gradually occurring, consumers are faced with the task to penny pinch for survival due to the governmental decision to decrease funds for food stamps, most recently effective earlier this month. Supplemental assistance is a survival tactic for many people. While the fund...

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Cheat Sheet: November 5, 2013

Portsmouth Hardee’s manager shot during robbery A manager at a Hardee’s on London Boulevard in Portsmouth is recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest after a robbery occurred Monday night. Two suspects, wearing hooded sweatshirts and cloth over their faces, walked into the Hardee’s just before 9 p.m. One was armed with a handgun and fired a round at the 53-year-old night shift manager. An employee was able to activate the panic alarm and the suspects fled the restaurant on foot. The victim was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital with serious injuries and is expected to recover. (Source) Toronto mayor refuses to resign Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized on Tuesday for smoking crack cocaine and promised he would never make the same mistakes...

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Cheat Sheet: November 4, 2013

Loaded gun taken from Maury High School student A 10th grade student brought a loaded gun to Maury High School this morning and was taken into custody by police. The school’s security officers saw the student re-entering the building and asked to search him. They found the weapon on him and seized it without incident. The student, whose name was not released, was taken into custody by Norfolk police and removed from the building. There was no disruption of the school day for the remaining students. (Source) Thousands protest in Iran Tens of thousands of demonstrators packed the streets today outside the former U.S. embassy in Tehran in the biggest anti-American rally in years, a show of support for hard-line opponents of President Hassan Rouhani’s historic...

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Cheat Sheet: November 2-3: Weekend Roundup

Soldier’s pregnant wife attacked, stabbed Justin Poole, a deployed soldier with local ties, reportedly witnessed a brutal attack on his wife by another soldier at their home in Texas. His wife, Rachel Poole, who was nine months pregnant, was video chatting on FaceTime with her husband when she was attacked. The family lives in El Paso, but according to Justin Poole’s Facebook page, he is from Williamsburg. Reportedly, 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss, a Fort Bliss soldier, went into Poole’s home to confront Rachel Poole about money he owed her. Police say Poole was attacked from behind with a stainless steel knife. Rachel Poole remains in the hospital but delivered her baby girl, who is in good condition. Moss was reportedly taken into custody by military police....

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Cheat Sheet: November 1, 2013

Shooting at LAX A TSA agent and a suspect were wounded in a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport this morning. Law enforcement officers flooded the airport, and terminals 2 and 3 were evacuated. The shooting happened around 10:05 a.m. when a man armed with a rifle opened fire, leaving several people wounded. A source at LAX said two or three TSA employees were hit by gunfire. The LAPD confirmed that the suspect was in custody. (Source) Drug tunnel discovered US authorities have shut a sophisticated drug smuggling tunnel recently dug under the US-Mexican border. The 2.4-mile tunnel linked a warehouse in Tijuana to another in San Diego. The tunnel was equipped with lights, ventilation and an electric rail system. Three people were arrested, and more than eight...

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