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Nov 13, 201203:03 PM

Cheat Sheet: November 13, 2012

Ohio woman holds 'idiot' sign under court order

After Shena Hardin of Cleveland was caught on camera driving on a sidewalk to pass a school bus that was unloading children on Sept. 11, a Cleveland Municipal Court judge ordered the 32-year-old to serve a highly public sentence of standing at an intersection and holding a sign. The sign reads: “Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.” Hardin was ordered to hold the sign for one hour today and one hour tomorrow as vehicles stream by her, honking and yelling comments. (Source)

iPads replace books for Isle of Wight County high schoolers

Freshmen at Windsor and Smithfield high schools received iPads today for use in the classroom. Online books will be programmed into the iPads and students can use them to take interactive quizzes and use various programs. Students say they love having this new technology, but some admit they use it to play games during class. Distribution of the tablets and protective cases started earlier this month and will wrap up this week. (Source)

Judge: 207-year sentence unjust for convicted robber

Today a U.S. District Court Judge Raymond A. Jackson refused to sentence a Portsmouth man to more than 200 years in prison for a series of commercial armed robberies last year across Hampton Roads, calling the proposed punishment “morally and just plain unjust.” Instead Jackson said he would write an opinion expressing his displeasure with the law that requires him to sentence 28-year-old Jonathan Ray Allen to at least 207 years behind bars. “The court does not believe this should happen again,” Jackson said. He noted that convicted murderers don’t usually get sentences that long. (Source)

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