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Mar 11, 201312:15 PM

Cheat Sheet: March 9-10: Weekend Roundup

Norfolk man arrested after fatal Saturday shooting

Austin T. Greening, a 22-year-old Norfolk man, was charged with murder and use of a firearm Sunday in a fatal shooting that happened about 7 p.m. on Saturday in the 7600 block of Giffort Street. A man, whose name has not yet been released, was pronounced dead at the scene. Greening is being held in City Jail. (Source)

Services set for slain State Trooper

Services have been set for 63-year-old Master Trooper Junius A Walker, who was fatally shot Thursday during an Interstate 85 traffic stop in Dinwiddie. The services will be held today (Monday) from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg, and funeral services are scheduled for Tuesday at 11 a.m. at the church. Officials say 28-year-old Russell E. Brown III of Chesterfield is charged with capital murder and two felony firearms counts. He’s also charged with attempted capital murder for allegedly exchanging gunfire with another trooper. Prosecutors say they’ll seek the death penalty. Brown is being held without bond at the Meherrin River Regional Jail in Alberta. (Source)

Whole Foods to require labels on genetically modified products

Whole Foods has decreed that all items sold in its American and Canadian stores note the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by 2018. Whole Foods Co-Chief Executive Walter Robb described customer demand for the labeling as “a steady drumbeat.” “This is an issue whose time has come,” he said. “With cases like horse meat discovered in the U.K., plastic in milk in China, the recalls of almond and peanut butter in the U.S., customers have a fundamental right to know that’s in their food.” (Source)

The Headache in Housewares for J.C. Penney

Ron Johnson, the former head of retail at Apple and now the chief executive of J.C. Penney, testified this week, that he’d never ask anyone to breach a contract and agreed on the importance of honoring contracts even if the terms are unlikeable at the time. Yet that didn’t stop him from signing a deal with Martha Stewart even though she had already had an exclusive deal with Macy’s. Emails from Johnson emerged in a New York courtroom, where Macy’s has accused J.C. Penney of inducing Martha Stewart to breach her contract and is trying to block its rival from carrying out its plan to open Martha Stewart boutiques inside J.C. Penney Stores. This, along with $4.28 billion loss in sales and the layoff of 2,200 workers this week could be the final blow to J.C. Penney, according to Walter Loeb, a veteran retail analysist. (Source)

Mar 12, 2013 12:21 am
 Posted by  gchu

K-Mart co-existed with Macy's for several years selling all the same categories of the Martha Stewart brand, so "exclusive deal with Macy's" can't be true.

The "emails from Johnson" were nothing more than competition in a free market economy - those emails should never be in a "New York courtroom" in a free market economy based on competition and consumer choice.

The "layoff of 2,200 workers" at JCP was caused by Macy's CEO, who is also closing Macy's stores across America, giving employees pink slips to join the unemployment line.

The "Source" is the NY Times, which has no journalistic ethics and integrity, giving its media power to James B. Stewart, a well-established enemy of Martha Stewart, in an abuse and misuse of the freedom of the press. James B. Stewart omitted the substance of Ms. Stewart's testimony that lasted over four hours, her testimony on CEO Ron Johnson, and Macy's breach of contract. So, this article by James B. Stewart is not truthful, fair, and objective.

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