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Jul 31, 201204:08 PM

July 31, 2012 - Cheat Sheet

Damaged lights in the Downtown Tunnel

Lengthy morning backups in Norfolk’s Downtown Tunnel today were due to a dump truck that unintentionally smashed 38 lights and caused a 90-minute traffic stop. When the driver realized that a loose part on his truck was damaging lights and leaving debris in the path of other drivers, he stopped the truck and an electrician was called. The driver has not been charged with a crime. (Source)

Olympics: the women’s gymnastics team results are in…

SPOILER ALERT: The U.S. women’s gymnastics team clinched the team gold in the London Olympics, scoring 183.596, five points higher than the Russian’s silver medal score and seven points above the score that earned Romania a bronze. Two of the Russian competitors fell during their floor exercises, allowing the American gymnasts a window of opportunity to deliver the victory. (Source)

Lessened penalties for juvenile killers?

The Supreme Court recently ruled that mandatory life sentences without parole are unconstitutional for juvenile felons. Those who oppose the decision believe that it thwarts justice and that teenage offenders know the difference between right and wrong. For minors who committed murder, as well as their families, the news is a welcome confirmation that juveniles are too young to be hardened killers and deserve a second chance. Due to this decision, 16 Virginia inmates might potentially be able to commute their life sentence; three of these murders occurred in Norfolk. (Source)

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