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Jul 26, 201210:53 PM

July 26, 2012 - Cheat Sheet

Suffolk high schools may require community service to graduate

On Thursday, Suffolk schools Superintendent Deran Whitney presented a plan to the state Board of Education which would require Suffolk high school students to complete at least 50 hours of community service or civics-related activities before graduating. The mandatory community service would be completed over the course of four years and would only apply to students earning an advanced studies or standard diploma. Suffolk schools are the first schools in Hampton Roads to consider implementing such a program. (Source)

Drought will drive up cost of food

The severe drought that is plaguing the West and Midwest will likely drive up the price for staple foods next year. Milk, beef, chicken and pork prices are expected to increase the most because at least 88% of the corn crop has been adversely affected. In addition to little rainfall, 2012 has been recorded as one of the hottest years in the United States. The combination of drought and scorching heat may cause Congress to examine a pending five-year farm bill, which would provide disaster relief to farmers, among other things. (Source) 

Married men happier than bachelors?

A Michigan State University study believes that married men are happier after marriage than they would be if they had stayed single. The researchers compared the married men to a control group of unmarried, but demographically similar, men. They concluded that the men who were married were happier than those who stayed single. However, the study did not conclude specific reasons the married men were happier. (Source)

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