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Jul 5, 201203:55 PM

Cheat Sheet: July 5, 2012

Poquoson deputy attacked by boaters

On Wednesday, an off-duty York-Poquoson sheriff’s deputy was attacked by at least three people while trying to refuel at Owen’s Marina Restaurant. The confrontation took place some time after the deputy and his friend asked a boat with about 10 people onboard to move so that they could get fuel. Three of the boaters attacked the deputy’s friend and then the deputy, even though he showed them his badge. The boaters fled the scene and have yet to be found. Anyone with information should contact the Poquoson Police Department. (Source)

July 9: “Internet doomsday” for thousands

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns that thousands of people may lose Internet access on July 9 because of a virus called DNSChanger. The main role of the virus is to redirect Internet users to fake servers and send them to fake websites. To combat the virus, the FBI built servers that divert users from accessing the counterfeit sites. However, on Monday, the FBI will no longer use the servers, meaning that people with the virus will lose Internet access unless they remove it from their computer. To make sure your computer does not have the virus, you can access the FBI’s website and run the test there. (Source)

Romney to choose female VP?

Mitt Romney’s wife may have spilled the beans in a joint interview with her husband on Thursday. She told CBS News that her husband is seeking a female vice-presidential candidate for November’s election. Romney has not confirmed his wife’s statement. However, GOP insiders believe that New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayote, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman are ladies on Romney’s list of potential VP’s. (Source)

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