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Jul 13, 201204:41 PM

Cheat Sheet: July 13, 2012

Obama makes stops in Virginia Beach and Hampton

President Obama will visit two local high schools to host grassroots events. The president’s first stop was Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, which started at 12: 45 p.m. Later today, he will be at Phoebus High School in Hampton, with the event scheduled to begin at 4: 25 p.m. It is believed that Obama will focus on the economy and compare his plan to Mitt Romney’s during the events. (Source)

Congress outraged that 2012 Olympic uniforms were made in China

Much debate ensued Thursday the 12, after designer Ralph Lauren released his designs for the 2012 opening ceremony of the Olympics, which were made in China. The U.S. Olympic Committee Spokesman, Patrick Sandusky, stated that Ralph Lauren is an “Iconic American Company” of whose partnership they’re proud of. Members of Congress from both parties agreed that the American athletes uniforms should be made in America, as the textile industry has been struggling. (Source)

Penn State Report reveals that university wanted to avoid negative press

Former FBI director, Louis Freeh, released the report Thursday, which investigates the university’s handling of an early report that Jerry Sandusky sexually abused a child. Freeh reports that top officials at the university, as well as the former head football coach, Joe Paterno, didn’t want to report the abuse in order to avoid bad publicity. The report has also uncovered correspondence between top officials as they decided how to handle the incident, before deciding to cover it up. Ongoing civil and legal trials will likely be affected by the report. (Source)

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