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Aug 9, 201204:15 PM

Cheat Sheet: August 9, 2012

Online course required for Virginia high school grads

Beginning with ninth-graders in the fall of 2013, all high school students pursuing a standard or advanced-studies diploma must take an online course to graduate. While the cost and preparation for implementing this program are still unknown, Virginia Beach has already implemented an online course this summer in which nearly 900 students enrolled in 34 sections of 10 courses. The goal of the program is to expose students to online learning often employed in college and the workplace. (Source)  

July was hot! hot! hot!

Federal scientists say July 2012 was the hottest month ever recorded in the continental United States, with records dating back to 1895. July 2012’s average temperature was 77.6 degrees. July 1936 previously held the record for the hottest month, now 0.2 degrees cooler last month’s record. (Source)

Blue-collar workers have worst bill of health

Transportation workers, construction workers, miners and other service industry providers may suffer the worst health, according to a Gallup and Healthways study. The companies gathered blue-collar workers’ information regarding health and living, attempting to correlate workers’ health with their occupations. Indeed, blue-collar workers topped the charts in obesity and smoking. Additionally, high blood pressure and infrequent visits to healthcare providers pervaded the blue-collar sector. (Source)

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